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I've been designing website for about a year and half. in this period, I faced so many challenges. but probably the hardest challenge is finding the right theme and the right designing way for a website.
u have the same problem?:( I underestand u. you know, a few days ago I've stated to design a website for a brand. back then I had no idea that how should I start. so I started to serve the web. I saw a lot of websites. but smt was strange. some elements was unique in all of them. then something came up:D I started to write all of them down. when I was done, guess what? band! I had a checklist of 2020 web designing hacks.
then I decided to create a youtube channel and share my experiences with u guys. u still wanna know these hacks?:) click the link below;)

ooooooooh! I forgot to say smt! don't forget to like and subscribe:) here u go!