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  1. W

    website design speed problem

    A programmer on our site he is on the WordPress platform and he installed a paid template but I meet a big problem which is the speed of the website The website is very slow, which gives a bad experience to the servants. Ask me how to solve the problem of site speed. Do by compressing images...
  2. P

    Can you review my website?

    Hello, I need my website review. Thanks
  3. T

    Small Business Marketing Firm Website Design Reviews

    Hello, A friend and myself or starting a branding/web design company geared towards small to medium sized companies. She has a website already and I have been in the process of creating one of my own. Could you please review both websites and let me know what look / feel you think works best...
  4. K

    Quality Contents are Important in SEO

    Why Unique Quality Content are Important in SEO? :)
  5. R

    Tips for Selecting the Best Ecommerce Website Development Services

    What are the best Tips for Selecting the Best Ecommerce Website Development Services? According to you?
  6. Dieter Ziegler

    Tips for Redesigning the Website

    I need some useful tips and suggestions about UX / UI while you redesigning your website... please provide me some useful tips