1. T

    How can I improve my profile for web design

    Hello, I am new to web design and love to work with WordPress and Elementor. Recently I developed a website to show my skills. It is not a real service just a demo. I am using it to show my skills to freelance clients. I want some suggestions on what improvement can I do to my website? Can I get...
  2. soheil-ap16

    wanna know 2020 designing hacks?

    I've been designing website for about a year and half. in this period, I faced so many challenges. but probably the hardest challenge is finding the right theme and the right designing way for a website. u have the same problem?:( I underestand u. you know, a few days ago I've stated to design...
  3. CAIPL

    Improve PageSpeed and YSlow

    Can you advice what could be done to improve our page speed from its current status. Presently we are using WordPress, with WP fastest Cache Premium plugin. Result had been good. But to make even better what could be done. Link dropping removed Though being a web design company we have done...
  4. M

    Review the site please

    Hello! Here is my site http://robofisher.com/ What do you think about its design?