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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Moujaes, Feb 26, 2008.

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  1. Barkri12

    Barkri12 New Member

    Even if you've included a well designed logo in your overall branding and promotion strategy, you've probably already listened to plenty of conflicting opinions concerning the importance of a logo to the overall success of your company. These opinions, some from experienced business people, have probably left you wondering - how much of my precious resources do you really need to commit to logo design?

    When considered as just one pillar of your overall branding and marketing strategy, your logo's value is negligible, but when combined with other elements, it can lift your company to a level of success head and shoulders above your competition.

    How can you harness the power of a great logo and use it to build your brand and enhance your business recognition? Here are some visible ways that your logo supports and advance your business, all with the aim of establishing a profitable and enduring enterprise:

    • A good logo will increase the power of your advertising dollar. Well designed and memorable - it will stretch your resources by taking fewer views to make a lasting impression on your target audience. This aspect is particularly important if your ad budget is small.

    • Your logo presents your business name with the power of a graphic form. For this reason, you need to be sure that you're comfortable with the design and that it is a valid and authentic representation of your business image and vision. Graphics naturally draw attention to text, and style attracts interest so that viewers want to examine the substance of the business itself. Your logo supplies enormous power in establishing your business as truly professional and trustworthy, and gives you the advantage over a business without one, or with one of inferior quality.
  2. plaveb

    plaveb New Member

    right attitude.

    because of this logo and brand identity,
    in past many world giants like intel (386) and other brands like nike had to face a problems with it.
    it should be self expressive about company and it's services.
  3. webinno_sale

    webinno_sale New Member

    Logo design is unique, it is a way that company profile to be recognized by all.
  4. Mimo

    Mimo New Member

    Logo designing is important because it represents the site.
    It must be attractive & professional which can be shows business summary in short in logo.
  5. plaveb

    plaveb New Member

    in long run...

    logo itself becomes company's identity. anyone knows company through its logo itself like nike, mercedes, bmw, coca cola, google.

    all this companies have good logo value in international market.
  6. Bronzy

    Bronzy New Member

    Thank you very much for sharing this I agree with your view that logo design is a most important part of graphic design. As logo is a company identity that’s why logo should be perfect.
  7. nete_andy5

    nete_andy5 New Member

    Logo Design

    logo design represents your company.
  8. leofe

    leofe New Member

    Logos are the first thing people see, so naturally they are critical for any website/company.
  9. couture1966

    couture1966 New Member

    Logo Design's Importance

    The Logo Design is a very key element because it's the first thing a potential customer sees about a business. The logo can function as the initial "handshake", introducing the customer to the business. A weak or shaky design can convey that the business owner is not confident about the business they are in.

    A strong logo design, though simple and well-thought out, can "grip" the customer's attention and make them desire to know more about the company.

    Logosmartz is a great resource for those looking to delve into creating logos.

  10. nomikeline

    nomikeline New Member

    Yes Logo design is very hard, if you are doing for a client site you should make sure the client is satisfied. also many more things to watch out for.

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