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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by PHANTOMIAS, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. FlippuT

    FlippuT New Member

    I would probably not put the initials in the logo, since it can be misunderstood..
    FU = Fu*c You

    That's atleast the first thing that crossed my mind when i saw it...
  2. misterx

    misterx New Member

    Add some style to text too.
  3. lovely09

    lovely09 New Member

    It's good but you can add more design to your logo.Then,have some color combination to make it more alive.
  4. nitishkunal

    nitishkunal New Member

    i think thats not looking good..........
  5. wetgravy

    wetgravy New Member

    i have to agree with nitishkunal. the overall design of your logo is blasé and difficult to read. Also, going glossy button on a flat colored site (except for the nav bar ... i'll get to that) doesn't look interesting or match anything else.

    you have 2 different types of lizard on your site design (i would go with a style that is similar or just re-use one over again.) also, here is the confusing part (visually) is the lizard or your FU logo in fact ... the logo? because if i were to guess ... i would say the lizard since it's not only featured predominantly (BIG BLACK lizard verses a tiny white logo) over really anything else in the design.

    the nav bar: there is a key to design that is important ... if you make only one thing a gradient graphic (nav bar or not) it will look ugly and/or out of place if used ONLY in that one spot. I would go with either a flat color (like the rest of your site) or make the gradient A LOT more subtle and use one somewhere else as well... also ... don't mouse over image the nav bar with another BRIGHTER gradient that REALLY doesn't match the colors at all. Just go for a different color text on the mouse over. oh and another thing about the nav bar ... if you're going to have a standard text on the graphic (no effects or non-web-standard fonts) don't put it on the graphic so you can change it later without alot of work.

    colors: i like the colors, but they don't really make any sense. if you use a color one place ... you should use it in another place as well. for example: you have a neon-lime color, midtone green, pale green, cream color, a green that is somewhere in-between the pale green and cream (the second lizard), white, black (mainly in the text but the LIZARD is predominantly the main use of this) and 2 shades of grey text + the background color of brown (which is re-used in one odd place ... in the left hand column on one line) .... if i were you, i would try to limit these colors down a little or use them somewhere else. if you use a gradient instead of going from white to green go from one green to another. if you use one on a lizard use it somewhere else as well. Also, don't be afraid of borders on your content (whether it's the main content of your site or the outside which will help to frame the entire site from the background) and lastly, that cream color doesn't match at all, maybe go with something a little less contrasty and go with a more grey-rich color like you did with your most prominate green (the one from the header and main content area)
  6. jamesparker

    jamesparker Banned

    First one is the better one then second one!
  7. Night_Pilgrim

    Night_Pilgrim New Member

    interested work :)
  8. carttemplates

    carttemplates New Member

    Graphic design is a collaborative process between a client and a designer — in conjunction with producers of form. carttemplates
  9. POWW

    POWW New Member

    Hey, the website has a pretty cool theme to it, but the logo itself doesn't quite look like a logo. Since its a silhouette, it simply looks like its just part of the design. Maybe adding a circle around it, or text close to it might make it look like a logo. Good luck!
  10. Nirvelli

    Nirvelli New Member

    I agree.. This is what I saw too.

  11. ImKevin

    ImKevin New Member

    I would make the drop shadow barely visible, seems to make it look more professional in my opinion. :)
  12. che09

    che09 New Member

  13. 1 web designer

    1 web designer New Member

    Need some POP! shadowing maybe a spark of color some where inside it.
  14. omglookitsagoat

    omglookitsagoat New Member

    I really think the first one looked the best. btw, your site looks cool. I love the green and the lizard. lizards are one of my favorite animals and green is one of my favorite colors.
  15. SplitElement

    SplitElement New Member

    To be completely honest, I don't like any of them.

    I think you need to get a bit more creative with the font and icon. Start on paper first, always sketch ideas and force yourself to creating a starting point. Then find fonts that complement your icon, or if you haven't developed your icon yet then choose something that appeals to you, but that stands out. Do an extensive font study.

    Also, completely throw out all drop shadows and glows. Try building your logo in black n white first and ad color later. And you should be designing your logo in a vector program like Illustrator or Corel Draw...not photoshop.

    Hope this helps.

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