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Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Maxchen, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Maxchen

    Maxchen New Member

    Is Adobe's program Dreamweaver one of the most popular programs used to build webpages? Is there an "industry standard" used for page building? I know Microsoft has FrontPage, but I already have Dreamweaver, and I thought I'd use it as long as one can do really good things with it. It's complex, but I could always learn it.

  2. Web1

    Web1 New Member

    Yep Dreamweaver is the industry standard authoring software for html pages. But you do find more and more sites are run by php based content management systems, where everything is saved to an online database and page content is added vis integrated tools. The template that provides the site design may well have been built in Dreamweaver. Many designers are producing page layout by CSS now, and Dreamweaver used to be heavily into tables and layers for page layout but then again I don't have the more recent versions and am unsure about CS3's implementation of CSS for page builing but I bet its all in there.
  3. Kik

    Kik New Member

    I've used both in school and I prefer Dreamweaver. Once you get the hang of it, it'd not too hard :)
  4. sysgenmedia

    sysgenmedia New Member

    There used to be a big battle between Dreamweaver and Frontpage. For the most part I think that Dreamweaver has won out, but it's largely an issue of preference. Personally, I think that Dreamweaver is much more useful and user-friendly.
  5. stonemethew

    stonemethew New Member

    Dreamweaver easy to use and have modern tags.
    Designing of a site very easy here. Dreamweaver certainly gives you good control and has lots of advanced features, hence it's popularity.
  6. PixelPusher

    PixelPusher Super Moderator Staff Member

    I prefer Adobe DW, much better quality product than FrontPage. If your gonna use a Microsoft product use Visual Studio not FP.
  7. jannet hayden

    jannet hayden New Member

    I too use Dreamweaver, and prefer it more...........
  8. ishie

    ishie New Member

    I prefer using Dreamweaver. I find Frontpage a bit complicated, maybe because I'm not very familiar with many of its functions.
  9. Dima

    Dima New Member

    Dreamweaver is not that hard as it may seem at first. You should consider watching a Dreamweaver tutorial and knowledge of HTML is a must in spite the fact that Dreanweaver automates the whole web design process and it is supposed to be used even by those who do not know HTML.
  10. damonjim

    damonjim New Member

    I prefer Dreamweaver, much better quality product than MS FrontPage. If your gonna use a Microsoft product use Visual Studio not FP.
  11. Advanox

    Advanox New Member

    I prefer dreamweaver over FP & other's.
  12. craftygeek

    craftygeek New Member

    I also use dreamweaver - I 95% of my coding by hand in it, but find the predictive coding & syntax reference that it gives (especially with php) really helps speed things up.
    You can hook dreamweaver into a localhost database when developing as well - this has worked well for me in the past...also the CSS works well for me.

    If you start with a piece of software that others rate as being good & you get on with it, there's no need to change...just carry on learning more about the software.
  13. tomylee1

    tomylee1 New Member

    its easy to use and work. it has modern tools.
  14. cquinndesign

    cquinndesign New Member

    Dreamweaver is far superior Microsoft Expression Web (FrontPage). I can't wait to see dreamweaver cs5!
  15. anna

    anna New Member

    A tool is just a tool, it's how you use it that makes all the difference...
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2010
  16. sjohn

    sjohn New Member

    There is one of the best things about Dreamweaver is the way it makes complicated coding processes easy for people who aren't hardcore coders.The benefits of using Dreamweaver over plain html coding from scratch are endless.Server side includes are so essential to website building, but few WYSWYG editors include a special feature for them.
  17. AK Web Design

    AK Web Design New Member

    I originally learned on Dreamweaver but now I use FrontPage.
  18. froonylose

    froonylose New Member

    Dreamweaver is packed with features and can seem quite complex but at the end of the day it should only be viewed as an IDE, I think that it is the most popular program used to build website. DreamWeaver is the preferred option for most webmasters. It looks complex but it is really simple once you get the hang of it.
  19. Archytas

    Archytas New Member

    Well, I like dreamweaver because it fills in a lot of the code for me. I know this is one of the main reasons why a lot of people DON'T use it. It's also kinda handy to look at the design tab with one click.
  20. ishie

    ishie New Member

    Dreamweaver, all the way! I think it's a lot more user-friendly, atleast based on my own experience.

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