Plugin or Script to allow visitors to text website owner?

Currently looking for a simple plugin for WordPress (or similar script elsewhere) to allow visitors to send a text to the business owner from their website.

I'm having an unexpected difficult time finding such a thing. Any recommendations?

Thank you.


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Yes, but you need to have drivers/plugins/APIs (Application Programming Interface) that connect to a mobile network provider installed on your server or hardware that works as a 'tethered' mobile/cell phone physically connected to the server hardware does.

Use your preferred Internet search engine and search for "SMS gateway API" or similar
Good points chrishirst, however, I have seen a few plugins within WordPress that already exist, but all have stopped working for some reason. I'm wondering if cell phone carriers are putting a stop to this, but I don't see why. This seems like a good idea for a plugin though doesn't it? Making it easier for potential customers to contact local business owners to improve a better user and customer service experience.