1. T

    How can I improve my profile for web design

    Hello, I am new to web design and love to work with WordPress and Elementor. Recently I developed a website to show my skills. It is not a real service just a demo. I am using it to show my skills to freelance clients. I want some suggestions on what improvement can I do to my website? Can I get...
  2. MrLeN

    WordPress Links

    I want to change my WordPress URL's to not having the date in them. I know how to do this, as there is a simple setting for that in Settings > Permalinks However, if you change them, the old ones don't work. Is there a way to change them and also redirect the old ones?
  3. J

    Help please...

    Hi everyone, am having problems validating Ignitiondeck on my wordpress account which is hosted by 1and1. When I click the validate button it doesn't do anything which means I cant select my commerce platform. Any ideas ?
  4. Bay Area Website Designer

    Plugin or Script to allow visitors to text website owner?

    Currently looking for a simple plugin for WordPress (or similar script elsewhere) to allow visitors to send a text to the business owner from their website. I'm having an unexpected difficult time finding such a thing. Any recommendations? Thank you.
  5. Oweaponx

    Review my WordPress site. Feedback?

    Hello, all. This is my site: http://100kinvesting.com What I'm most interested in information or content reviews. The main area is Invoice Factoring, under "Financial Options;" providing brokering services. Is the info sufficient for people, to want to use me to broker their invoices to...
  6. F

    Backup of WordPress site

    Hi.Need some advice. Any tips how to backup WP site quickly and easy?
  7. F

    Beauty salon

    What are your favourite themes purposed for spa salon website?