Is coffee healthy or not?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by britney, Jan 17, 2011.

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  1. ausweb

    ausweb New Member

    My doctor friend told me that sometimes it depends on the healthiness of a person. Some people encounter palpitation drinking coffee its because their body is weak once it adsorb caffeine especially if they are cigarette smoker it really has a big chance to palpitate .
  2. MyTracy

    MyTracy New Member

    As for me, I love its smell and I love its taste and both of these factors make me wake up every morning. I am a coffee person and I better enjoy it even if it's not healthy that struggle with my addiction to it.
  3. ccowan

    ccowan New Member

    Coffee is like anything else, it needs to be taken in moderation. It is full of caffeine so just limit it. What I do is make sure to not drink it a few mornings just to make sure you are not getting addicted.

    It definitely helps one wake up in the morning though! Drink responsibly!
  4. scept1c

    scept1c New Member

    I heard a lot of debates about this... And I andertand that it's depend of your health... Cofee make your heart to beat better and use more energy from your body, but if your health is poor drink better juice...
  5. constanthosting

    constanthosting New Member

    I dun like Coffee, Prefer Dr Pepper myself :p
  6. bermuda

    bermuda New Member

    It actually is quite healthy but naturally, drinking lots of cups of coffee everyday will not be suggested. Even drinking a lot of water can be bad to the health. Perhaps a couple of cups of coffee and tea would be great and helping body to operate in a better way and then whenever you are thirsty or want something to drink, try looking for pure water which is the best solution all the time in the history of mankind. Of course this is great that you are even concerned about drinking coffee and the effects.

    It's always great to know what to eat and drink on a daily basis. Caffeine is definitely useful for human bodies but excessive amounts may have its own effects and rather bad consequences. When you are forcing your body to stay awake by drinking coffee or tea, that is a bad move because body needs to have its normal functions with no forced prescriptions. Of course I can guess that sometimes, especially on exam nights, perhaps it is needed to stay awake for a couple of more hours.
  7. computerGeek

    computerGeek Banned

    a little bit of coffee is good. maybe a cup a day. but if you drink say five cups a day, then that is another story.
  8. twistedkeys

    twistedkeys New Member

    In my opinion it may have some benefits - for a cup of burnt crushed beans in water.

    Compare it to a watermelon or some milk, that's when it gets interesting.
  9. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    #1 when I get up in the morning #2 if last night was a big one #3 on my way to work #4 midmorning #5 late afternoon work drop off in energy #6 when I get home from work #7, #8, & #9 if im working through the night til the birds get up...
  10. GussieCicely

    GussieCicely New Member

    My opinion coffee is healthy if we in self-control. It is something that you can get addicted to do. But black coffee is healthier than something with ten spoons full of sugar in it, and a lot of creamer. Coffee is healthy in moderation because caffeine is a natural plant.
  11. reverseengineer

    reverseengineer New Member

    They are so back and forth on this topic. I say if anything gives you heart palp. its a good time to ease back
  12. Alnitech

    Alnitech New Member

    I suppose coffee isn't healthy but I don't care.
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