Feedback on website much appreciated

Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by stuartpb, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. stuartpb

    stuartpb New Member

    Cool! I used colour, better in mono? And thanks again!

    EDIT: I've just desaturated the background image, and it looks better. Smaller file size too, thanks for the heads up!
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  2. d a v e

    d a v e New Member

    yep nearly always better in mono - especially with greyish bgs.
    maybe pullback the the noise a little bit

    you have a lot better contrast now between the background and content

    make the footer black

    i prefer the mid-orange from the Older Articles button to the lighter orange - stands out a bit more and contrasts better with the white text.

    right column: either reduce the drop shadow/glow and(or increase the vertical padding between each item

    ah i see you're studying at the university of Sheffield - i went to the poly (when we still had polytechnics) to study English literature ;)
  3. indradoang

    indradoang New Member

    firstable, i'm sorry for my language if not good enough in english.

    right to my comments:
    • i feel not comfortable with corner of your rectangular. maybe if you make a little sharp, it's better
    • for whole site, i like the colour you choose
    • try to make the amount of family fonts = 2. if more, max = 3
    • the most important thing you have to do: optimize your image. they're still to big. there are a lot of softwares to optimize your image, like image optimizer in

    hope my comment usefull
  4. stuartpb

    stuartpb New Member

    @Dave, I'll have a go at what you suggested later, thanks again for the feedback. I done a little more work on the site last night but was knackered so called it a day. Good stuff on studying at Sheffield, the poly is now Hallam Uni, I have some tutors who studied there too when it was still the poly.

    @Indradoang, no need to apologise for your English, and thanks for the feedback. I'm going to keep the rounded corners, as I wanted to feature some CSS3 within the design. I quite like them as they are. I will definitely try lowering the radius of them though, and see how it looks.

    Glad you like the colour scheme, I really like orange, and think it goes great with gray and black. Regards the fonts, I was using 3 fonts, but only because I forgot to change the font family on an element to one of the two I want to use.

    The images are proving to be a pain in the backside to be honest. I've tried reducing the filesize in Photoshop, but some of them come out looking like crap. I also forgot that I had uploaded 3x images for the index page slideshow, that had not been touched and were very large. I meant to reduce them last night, but forgot.

    Thanks to you both for the help, I really do appreciate it a lot. :)
  5. indradoang

    indradoang New Member

    i think photoshop can't reducing size of image as well. just for sharing, i used to optimize image by image optimizer

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