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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Okahra, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Okahra

    Okahra New Member


    I just registered this forum while surfing and I’m curious about what you think about Bing.
    According to some news it already started to overtake Yahoo. But it seems to me they can’t beat Google. I think more creative ideas and some vision is needed to overtake Google.

    Besides of that there’s adsense and adword industry. Google is creative and established firm, Bing brings nothing new to us.

    If Google creates linux based operating system, maybe they can overtake Microsoft?
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  2. wachtn

    wachtn New Member


    "Be not evil"
    A.K.A. Be not Microsoft.

    Bing? Ive never tryed it and I dont think Im likely to try it any time soon. I give them credit for taking on Google but its going to require some heavy lifting to make the search engine giant even notice.

    Can I be honest? I feel like a typing oxymoron every time I use Google, which is just over 1million times a day. My standard wisdom warns against anything that seems too good or too trustable. Google is as near to a perfect company as any company can get.

    I bought a G1 just because it was Google. Because the G1 is from Google, I know it will be a good phone that wont piss me off like most of the smart phones of the past have. Ive been using the G1 about 6months now, I love it.

    If Google begins to make computer operating systems, you can bet they will be free. I will likely support them as well. Not because it bares the name "Google". But, because Google has proven itself to not be Microsoft like. Time and time again, unlike Microsoft, Google makes sure that it's products are great before releasing them. Then they continue to make their products better and better.

    I often joke around about the likelihood of Google beginning a protect titled "Armageddon."
    Could Google be the Anti-Christ? It would make sence. Today, the true leaders of the worlds are no longer running companies. Instead they run businesses. Google HAS united the world, in a way.
  3. wachtn

    wachtn New Member

    Update: I just went to

    Bing is from Microsoft? HAHAHA! They just took a nose dive in my book of coo dos. I thought was something new. Turns out its just another failed* attempted by microsoft to take back lost ground.

    * This is my unsupported opinion. I have 0 facts, have done no research, and know nothing about what Im talking about. (haha, try to flame me now, micro-fans)
  4. leofe

    leofe New Member

    I quite like bing, better than the old msn search engine and it has some great pics on the homepage.
  5. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I was quick to dismiss bing, but I think they may have a few tricks up their sleeve to help them build better search results and it may rely on IE8.
  6. JimMask

    JimMask New Member

    nah google still leads. bing needs to work harder to get there,
  7. ishie

    ishie New Member

    There's no way Bing will ever beat Google. Not a chance. Bing's popularity hasn't significantly improved over the past few months. The stats can attest to that.
  8. Goldstar

    Goldstar Banned

    Google is my favorite search engine for its reliability and accuracy, but Bing shines at certain tasks, and I would not be surprised to see some of Bing / Google Mashup applications grow and become useful. For now, Bing vs. Google is essentially a novelty, but it does help drive home some unique advantages that both search engines have.:cool::cool:
  9. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    never say never
    i remember when altavista was the king of search, what happened to them
    myspace was the kind of social networking, then along came facebook.
    things change.
  10. ffldcountynerd

    ffldcountynerd New Member

    Bing offers a pretty neat image search

    Google is my go-to search engine, however, I think Bing offers a better image search.
  11. elizabethjohne

    elizabethjohne Banned

    No doubt bing is the most big search engine but i will prefer to google not only me but i think bing can not overtake google. because google is unique idea. and unique idea always can't be overtake.
  12. winsonong

    winsonong New Member

    ya, I agree with ian. Netscape became history of search engine. Today Google is the leader in this field but tomorrow may be change to someone else
  13. bongoko

    bongoko New Member

    I already try Bing on doing a research but I end up using Google. Bing is just new since it was only launched last year.
  14. anna

    anna New Member

    Bing drives me crazy!! I hate those little tool tip things that pop up all the time!
  15. WebbyD

    WebbyD New Member

    I used to be a Google person but the more I use Bing the more I like it. I'm kinda on the fence to be honest, Bing has some areas that drive me nuts but in some aspects its better then Google
  16. markatherton

    markatherton New Member

    I think both are good but more mainly is that Google is more user friendly and popular then Bing. No doubt in Bing but Google is really comfortable and quite good while searching.
  17. harry.grv

    harry.grv New Member

    I'm just new here, and I don't think Bing could overtake Google as well as Yahoo, in my opinion, these sites have different level on their own and if google has to create linux based operating system, I think it cannot overtake Microsoft. You have to think that Microsoft is first on this industry. As Bill Gates say, "I like healthy competition".
  18. sysgenmedia

    sysgenmedia New Member

    Best thing about Bing is their image search. Much nicer with the constant loading rather than paging. That's about all I use it for though.
  19. AK Web Design

    AK Web Design New Member

    I think that Bing is the better search engine. However, Google offers so many different services, and is almost instinctive to use.
  20. Spancerlim

    Spancerlim New Member

    No it will not happen, bing will not beat google.
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