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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by uniqwebmaster, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. uniqwebmaster

    uniqwebmaster New Member

  2. pingeyeg

    pingeyeg New Member

    The first one is cool, but the second one not really. I just don't like the green them. I also don't like the things on the side.
  3. adx

    adx New Member

    You might be aware of this yourself, but the technologies link on the first one doesn't
    work. And you should probably remove the hover sounds on the second one. The green
    theme is also kind of gloomy. Besides that all is well.
  4. AprilMaybe

    AprilMaybe New Member

    Am I the only one who is seeing the dot in the scrolling box in the second site?
  5. Gorgy

    Gorgy New Member

    The first site is very original. I like the way you present information. I would only suggest to improve Clients page a bit. I would show the screen shots of the websites you've developed and not only the names of the companies you've been working for.
    The second websites doesn't look as impressive as the first one. I don't understand why a white line is traveling across the picture in the left column. There is also a blinking error in Add to your Website block.

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  6. Ianthe

    Ianthe New Member

    I like the first site! It's beautiful! But I don't like the second site very much, I'm not te keen on dark green.

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