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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by bdelapla, Oct 24, 2010.

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  1. bdelapla

    bdelapla New Member

    Hello everybody,

    A colleague and I are starting a Custom Software Solutions Business named Business Bot L.L.C..

    We are currently working on the website and we need some feedbacks from "new eyes" to tell us if it looks professional, if it is well organized and if the navigation is intuitive. To summarize, would it make you feel like you want to do Business with us ??

    The adress is

    Your feedbacks are really valuable to us!

    Busniess Bot L.L.C.
  2. d a v e

    d a v e New Member

    no logo - not good

    quite monochrome but then with some windows-ish looking graphic thrown in for good measure

    "What is Business Bot" this is a question so use a question mark ;) and it should be a H1 NOT a h6 as it's the page title
    "Our main axis is custom software development. " oh,my, god. please don't speak in the style of 'mission statements' you can speak professionally AND plainly at the same time.

    i don't like the framed look of the main content - it always feels claustrophobic and means you have 2 layers of navigation split between top and bottom. also using images instead of real text is bad for accessibility and SEO

    links are default blue - follow your colour scheme

    remove the w3c valid xhtml sticker - no one is interetsed in those and if they were i'm sure they would want to know you could code to a strict doctype rather than only a transitional one :)

    doesn't fit in 1024 wide page without horizontal scrolling

    put some white space (padding) around you main text and consider using left aligned text as it's easier to read and fully justified text is always prone to looking clumsy with poor browser rendering (rivers of white running through lines, no hyphenation etc.)

    optimise your images

    it still needs some work ;)
  3. jnspire

    jnspire New Member

    My Review

    I agree with dave!

    and... I would not be inclined to do business with you if this site were my only reference point. The layout is bland and dark to boot. First impression was "I want to stop looking at this".

    You want some color and an original Image! (something to catch the eye). I would say go with a white or very light background. Then supplement from there. Also, as Dave said above Add a logo.

    There is too much to read in one place right on the main page and having to work to scroll through it is not appealing. Make some short basic statements then link to other pages where more info. can be found on the site. That way the user chooses what they want to look at. They are not being force fed what you want them to see.

    I think that the content slider is a neat idea... but I don't think that it is working well for you in this case. At least not on the main page.

    Simply stated, I would have left this page in about seventeen and a half seconds.
  4. bdelapla

    bdelapla New Member

    Thanks for your comments, we are still working on the website and it is far from being done but what you said is VERY helpful to us.

    We will work even harder :)
  5. AK Web Design

    AK Web Design New Member

    Definitely make it so the cursor changes as your highlight the links. They don't stand out much as it is so it would definitely help the user notice them more.

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