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Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by smokinglizard, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. smokinglizard

    smokinglizard New Member

    Hi everyone:

    I'm totally new around here and was hoping folks would give me some constructive criticism on my new website:, even if you're not a fan of pro wrestling!

    The site is dedicated to feature stories about pro wrestling that fans hopefully find entertaining, interesting, and funny.

    I understand if you don't like pro wrestling -- please comment on layout, look, design, experience, etc. And please be brutally honest! I welcome all suggestions.

  2. cmjvulavala

    cmjvulavala New Member

    Its a nice design but I have lots of space at either side of the content, I think it needs to be made a bit wider than it is at the minute (I'm using a 1280*800 screen but it still looks very thin (check out to get some screenshots of your site at other resolutions etc) and see what you think.
  3. smokinglizard

    smokinglizard New Member

    Thanks for the great feedback! Yes, it's a bit thin now. I'm reserving real estate for advertising in the future. I'm trying to establish my brand and content first.
  4. smokinglizard

    smokinglizard New Member

    Oh, BTW, that site is awesome!
  5. conor

    conor New Member

    I really think that it is a very good site. I like the whole look of it. Do you use dreamweaver? The forum is good to, it's run of phpBB (the same as this forum) isn't it? How much does phpBB cost, I'm considering getting it for one of my sites. Do you use a CMS?
  6. smokinglizard

    smokinglizard New Member

    Thanks so much for the positive comments!

    To build the site I use Web Page Maker. It's super easy. For the graphics I use Fireworks.

    And yes, my forum is phpBB3. It's free! Just download it and install it.

    What is CMS?
  7. pingeyeg

    pingeyeg New Member

    Looks pretty good. I would have widened the page though. Overall, pretty good. I also would have made the site a little more flashy being that WWF is all about lights, fire and craziness.
  8. Erni

    Erni New Member

    Well It is really pro wrestling website...There is not much to talk here just take and put on right place! I guess that is why it is so small this directs eyes to right place.
    It makes good feelings after watching this site.
  9. Gorgy

    Gorgy New Member

    I liked the design of your site though, its still thin.
    You know, I wanted to read more about your site bu your About Us page is very poor. I mean you don't give a lot of information about this site and the people who run it. I doubt a lot of people will write e-mails asking what your site is about. Why don't you write about it once? I suppose it's the main aim of any About Us page to tell people what this project is about :)
  10. adx

    adx New Member

    Did anyone catch the anomalies in the articles section?

    The first articles' background color is white, the rest are dark Grey,
    and they have about 2000 pixels worth of padding at the bottom.
    Plus if you go to the discussion section the other links don't go anywhere?

    I'm using regular old FF3 if that helps :)

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