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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by JonConsiglio, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. JonConsiglio

    JonConsiglio New Member

    Hi everyone..

    This is first post, so I'm not sure this is the correct place for this. Sorry if it's not...

    I'm not sure the right way to explain this, but this is what I'm trying to do....

    If it's not ok to post someone elses site, PLEASE let me know!

    I am designing a new site in Flash, but would like an HTML or XHTML page to display first with an "ENTER SITE" button to go to the actual Flash website like the link I posted...

    How would I do this?? Would I import everything from Flash into Dreamweaver?? If so, how do I do that? I have a ton of tutorials, but can't find anything on this..

    I'm actually having more problems with Dreamweaver and the actual publishing than I am with Flash...

    My current site is done with Yahoo SiteBuilder. I am very new to all of this and it's the small things that are driving me insane! My web address is www.ConsiglioPhotography.com

    Thank you all in advance for your help. Any feedback will be very appreciated.

    Jonathan Consiglio

    P.S. I am using Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection
  2. The Helper

    The Helper New Member

    Full Browser flash

    Hello Jon I'm here to help. This is called full browser flash and for some reason web designers can not stand it when you take control of thier screen. That is probably why you have not gotten any replies. I think since you are a photographer that this is a great idea because you want to capture the full attention of your viewer without having all those tool bars present.
    I'm going to do my best to help you out here.
    First you need to go to this site


    and download the tutorial for full browser flash if you have not already. I downloaded all the tutorials and saved them for future use. I think they will be a tremendous help for when you update your site in the future. After you view the tutorial you may need to put your site inside of a movie clip to be able to center it on your screen which will require you to ad the instance name of that movie clip in front of your buttons.

    Anyway when you are done with that you will need to create another flash document with a button that will be your enter button. This document will be the page that every body will see when they click on your site so you can ad a picture and maybe that the user will need flash or whatever you like. Click on the button and open your actions panel and stick this code on that button

    on (release) {
    getURL ("javascript:NewWindow=window.open('yoursite.html','newWin','width='+screen.availWidth+',height='+screen.availHeight+',left=0,top=0,toolbar=No,location=No,scrollbars=No,status=No,resizable=No,fullscreen=Yes'); NewWindow.focus(); void(0);");

    you just need to stick the html page of your real site that you want to open full browser and that's it. I highlighted it in lime green so you can see exactly where you need to edit.

    just repost if you need any help.


    this link will be very useful also(put in My Favorites). It will generate the code you need to stick in the button but the one I gave you will work perfectly.


    this link will open a whole new world of tutorials for you if you don't already have it.
  3. JonConsiglio

    JonConsiglio New Member


    Thanks so much.. I was wondering why I wasn't getting any responses! I'll start on this now and see where it gets me. I'll post back when I feel like I'm getting somewhere.

    I really appreciate your time and info. I'm sure it will be a huge help.

    Thanks again,
    Jonathan Consiglio
  4. Ross1234

    Ross1234 New Member

    what a beautiful site! best flash photography site i have seen

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