Writing down a book but what to do on the Comedy side?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by kensha, Dec 24, 2010.

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  1. kensha

    kensha New Member

    At the moment in mine spare free time I´m writting down mine very own first book.

    I already thaught everything a head and make sure I don´t rush to fast in the writing.
    It has: street racers, black dealing bets, undercover cops, streetracers getting chased by the cops.
    I won't go in further detail.

    For the action side and serious content of the book I don't have any issues however with the comedy side I do cause I kinda lagg in it.

    What are the good points I should look at?
    So that the book has also got some comedy point of view.
  2. AK Web Design

    AK Web Design New Member

    I think you need to give us some more details about the book. But in case you don't want to reveal too much, I'd say you should just have a character whose main role is a comic relief.
  3. kensha

    kensha New Member

    Overall story;

    Two rivals race up against each other to be the nr 1 driver in the country however the police finally catched the nr1 driver and that was a big triumph for them, so they thaught.
    For now these kind of races were being kept on low traffic roads.

    Now the nr1 racer was caught and he losed his title to the challenger.
    Since then everything went crazy between the streetracers and the dealers as they all try to get the title and money.

    Now 2 years later.
    Numbers of different groups of street racers are trying to get the nr1 street racer title not only that but the car of the loser will get destroyed after the race has been done.
    They now also race on roads with more traffic then they used to be for the extra kicks they get.
    The cops are tyring to chase them all down and lock them all up but they know that more racers keeps comming.

    The police is setting a deal with their street racer a deal he can't refuse.

    He will be declared free and of all charges but in return he need to go back underground and build up his reputation once again but this time with the help of the undercover police company.

    By this the police enforcement hope to shut down the street race once and for all but the question will be if the old nr1 racer stops with the street race yes or no and will he win the title or will the cops catch the current nr1 racer who's currently controlign the races.

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