Working with menu items from template...


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Hello Everyone!

I was lucky to find a site that let me download a free template. It has jquery, and a home, services and contact page. I'm trying to add additional pages and menu items and I wanted to know how I could add these items so that all of these pages are updated together. In other words, if I decide to keep the home, services and contact pages as they are, will I have to go to each of these pages and update the menus or is there a way that this could be done on the index page just once.

I will be using Notepad++.



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If it is plain html then probably not. If you are using php includes or masterpages then possibly yes.

Template aside, and if you're serious, have a look at

It's 100% free and you can use masterpages or user controls to achieve what you are looking for.
I want to thank everyone for your replies. I have decided to follow leroys suggestion and use php includes. I looked it up on the internet and confirmed that php includes should be used for the type of task I am trying to do and especially for larger websites.