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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Chillen_au, Sep 22, 2008.

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  1. Chillen_au

    Chillen_au New Member


    I'm unexperienced in making web sites and am looking into it as a profession.
    Curious on on the average income and if it's quite easy to get work ect?
    I'm waying up between Web Design and PC Repair.

    Also is it possible to work through companys from home?


  2. sheanhoxie

    sheanhoxie New Member

    Well it depends on how you define "easy". Since your just getting started and Im guessing dont know a whole lot about web design or development its probably gonna be hard to just get a job with a company and work from home. That being said, once you do know your stuff, I've found that its really a toss up as to whether you will be able to work from home or not. Since I work for myself as an independent contractor I prefer to work from home, but some clients that have contract work prefer me to be on site so that presumably they can monitor my hours, other clients are happy that I work from home as long as I get the job finished on time.

    Average income is probably dependent on where you live. I live and work in San Diego,CA and will make about $50k US this year because of the economy. Last year I made $75k

    PC Repair vs Web Design, Web Design wins hands down. I went to a vocational school about 8 years ago for PC repair and I loved it at school, once I started fixing people pcs, I hated it. Trying to figure out what somebody already tried to do to fix the pc before they called was often the hardest part of the job.

    Either way, think about it, keep researching and good luck with your future!
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  3. 3dmagicaldesign

    3dmagicaldesign New Member

    First at all, you need to become expert. The web development world is very competitive.

    Here are some tips you need to know:

    1) If you land a project, you need to ask your client everything about the project.

    2) Once everything is cleared you need to schedule your time, that will allow you to have an estimate timeline

    3) Programming is a very important topic in web development, you need make sure that you will have a good coder.

    If you are a starter you can find work on freelancers websites such as getafreelancer or scriptlance.

    Finally, if you are willing to work full time in web development you need to be patient and dedicated, it is always difficult to start.
  4. kremo5le

    kremo5le New Member

    San Diego? Web Designer?

    Hello there, how are you? I'm starting my web design/PC repair business as well. I say both because I haven't made too much yet. If you ask me, I rather do the web design thing. I got a couple of projects coming my way, and I just made a comment on how much I should charge. Maybe you could give me a hand! I also live in San Diego, and maybe we could team up here and there. I'm currently working with Joomla! and i love it. Check out my website San Diego Website Design. Let me know what you think about all this! Maybe you can help me on that post as well here

    Anyhow, nice to talk to you,

    kRem :D

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  5. seoexpert

    seoexpert New Member

    Why not do both? Offer a company services company, that way you can do both and when one part of the business is slow, the other part will help you out.
  6. kremo5le

    kremo5le New Member

    Is this related to the post I did? I f so, I do that exactly. If one side is slow, I run to the other side! :D But really, I think one should find a niche. Check out my site It still needs a lot the way I see it, but it looks really nice so far.

    Any suggestions? Just use the contact form and let me know!

    THANKS! :D
  7. seoexpert

    seoexpert New Member

    Kremo5le, I like the website a lot. That is a talented and very professional/modern website design and layout.

    My company does everything, basically making it a "one stop shop" for the client. I do website design, seo, computer repair, etc.

    Some clients like this as then they get it all done with one company instead of multiple companies.
  8. kremo5le

    kremo5le New Member

    Man I loved that idea too as I said on this forum too. I still need to work it, but as you could see I have my services (which will be expanded in the near future with the actual samples), a blog,a forum (which will grow over time), and review sections. Right now I'm working on my own website all by myself. So yes, it looks nicer when I look it through these eyes!

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your help. I hope we can still help each other.

  9. delkin

    delkin New Member

    you can do web design using dreamweaver if you like.., .
  10. v2Media

    v2Media New Member

    Average income varies depending on the country you operate in and whether you're metro or regional. In metro Australia, the average was 63K a year about 5 years ago when I paid for an industry report. Today it would be slightly higher, around 65K.

    A web designer worth their salt shouldn't have trouble making 75-100K over here. An emphasis on functionality, not design though.

    When I first started out, I did mobile residential computer support in the summer, which is a trough season for webbies in AU. The key was being mobile. Mobile allows you to develop a closer relationship with the customer and the customers running SOHO operations were good prospects for web design services.
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  11. JoomlaExpert

    JoomlaExpert New Member

    Yes, you can definitely work at home by becoming a professional web master but I hope you will consider the time and effort the you will be exerting. As an advice, since you are trying to build good websites, try creating one with Joomla. This could be a start for you and soon will be a success to your future. Joomla websites is very easy to build with Joomla video tutorials.
  12. kremo5le

    kremo5le New Member

    Web Designer Average Income & Search Engine Optimization

    You are 100% correct. Web design income depends on functionality not design. In my case, I rather work on well-designed websites but that are more functional in terms of speed and search engine optimization rather than looking fancy. However, I'm trying to get into the development of "Fancy" websites that are also highly functional AND are optimized for the web. One example is In reality, every client's needs are different and I want to be able to cover as much as possible.

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