working freelance for a firm?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by irishlass25, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. irishlass25

    irishlass25 New Member

    I am just curious, how common is it to do freelance work for a design firm?

    I recently applied for a full time graphic design job, and the owner replied and asked what my thoughts were about doing freelance. How does that even work? You design for the firm's clients, but it's called doing freelance? Do I bill the firm or the actual client, and would I be expected to charge less (how else would the firm profit by my work?) I had never considered it before...
  2. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    quite common in my understanding.
    I just did a 18month webdesign contract with a design company.

    basically, you invoice the design firm, who invoices the client.
    you as a freelancer, set the hourly rate, the firm can either accept or decline.

    as a freelancer, you are not entitled to holiday pay or anything like that, and have to take control of your own books, tax etc.

    you can also get the sack anytime. which can suck.
    however you can also ditch them anytime they start to drag you down, or if a better offer comes along.
    you can work outside the design firm for more clients, etc etc

    there are plenty of pros and cons on both side. but if you can handle the insecurity of it, and having to do all your own paper work, it can be quite rewarding.
  3. rwebber77

    rwebber77 New Member

    Quite common, I've been a freelance programmer for a marketing company for almost 2 years now. I give them any marketing clients that come my way and they give me any clients looking for design or development. Work has gotten quite steady (although I still seek projects through other methods as well) and I set my own hours / rate.
  4. Timothy Scotch

    Timothy Scotch New Member

    Further to what others have said;

    If it is long term work for an agency I would be inclined to sell my services at a cheaper rate than I would if freelancing. Part of your fee has to go towards finding and dealing with clients which you don't have to do when you work for an agency. In my experience that portion is fairly considerable.
  5. BMA

    BMA Banned

    Freelancers pay 6.2% more in federal income taxes than employees. Keep that in mind when setting your rates.
  6. computerGeek

    computerGeek Banned

    very common.. freelancing is very common in this field, anyway..
  7. che09

    che09 New Member

    Freelancing the word itself can give you the definition you want. The rate would be different from those who are working within a contract or on contractual basis!

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