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Discussion in 'Scripts' started by ancom, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. ancom

    ancom New Member

    Hello! Could anyone recommend Wordpress plugin that can:
    - load images from upload directorium
    - show them in random order
    - show new image every x seconds (not when page loads)
    - does not load all images when page loads

    Jscripts that can easily integrate with Wordpress would also do, but plugin would be better.

    I hope I don't ask too much:) I would appreciate any help...
  2. Design Top

    Design Top Banned

    If you want to install wordpress slideshow plugin, here the list that you can try :

    1. WordPress Sliding Drawer Plugin
    2. power zoomer slide show
    3. WordPress Gallery Plugin
    4. Meteor Slides
    5. WP flash img show
    6. etc

    I get these plugin from wordpress official website. You can find more as you wish.

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