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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by True Graphics, May 2, 2012.

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  1. True Graphics

    True Graphics New Member

    Hello I'm new to wordpress.. I downloaded it but couldn't got it clear how to make it run... I'm on xp and did all download to setup using wampsever for windows but on my SQL localhost there was no name to create the host on wampserver for wordpress to work, what do I do


    I used this link to help me,but i stuck on the 3:00 minutes on the link above
  2. Brian Angel

    Brian Angel Member

    So.. 1st create a database in myPHP and call it anything you like (the more complex, the more secure). Now you can create a user and password for it and give him privs for the database (secure), but for practice, no need. Using WAMP, put the WordPress folder (all of it) into the WWW folder. Edit the file that says wp-config-example.php in whatever editor you’re using. Under DB name, between the quotes and the name you created for your Db. Set name to root and leave the password field blank, all else should stay as is. Remove the example from the file name so you have only wp-config.php. In wamp, open up the section that says local host, click on the link that says WordPress, and let the magic begin.
  3. jump74

    jump74 New Member

    (excuse-me for my bad English I am french)
    Do you understand very well English? If YES, USE the links


    Use Desktopserver Limited free
    It is very easy.

    After installation, call your local site in Wordpress (with Internet UP) and in the first menu, run the update :
    Passage of 3.3.1 in 3.3.2.

    Yours Sincerely,

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