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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by maheshwebads, May 21, 2010.

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  1. maheshwebads

    maheshwebads New Member

    Which is your favourite word press plugin?
    I like wp-robot is very good one for auto-content.

    - rgds
  2. intellekt

    intellekt New Member

    wordpress plugin:

    Google XML Sitemaps
    Google Analytics for WordPress
    Page Flip Image Gallery
    Codestyling Localization
    Wordpress PDA & iPhone
    Last.Fm Records
    Interactive Video Plugin
    Embedded Video
  3. calvinklein

    calvinklein New Member

    My favorite plugins

    Well i mostly work with wordpress and there are loads of plugins that simplify my work

    Some are
    Autoblogger - get content from rss feeds and turn them into posts
    XML Sitemap - to create a sitemap when a new post is created
    PingPress FM - to bookmark your post url to more than 30 bookmarking sites via ping.fm service
    Contact7 - to create a professional contact form in minutes.
    WassUP - to give stats of visitors similar to google analytics from your wordpress adminpanel itself

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