WordPress Plugin - Business Listings/Directory with Google maps

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by BSDesigns, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. BSDesigns

    BSDesigns New Member

    Happy holidays everybody!!

    So this is my issue I need a plugin that alows users to add listings and those listings are displayed on the map and the listing below.
    I've done alot of googling on that matter but the results are prety bad.
    If you have any sudjestions on that matter plaese go on tell everybody because there are about 10 empty posts on that matter. Lets make one that solves that issue :)
  2. smoovo

    smoovo New Member

    You won't find any solution because it's a custom programming not a plugin. Try using a web development company like ours to do the job, it will save time and money, because at the end you'll do it anyway. ;)
  3. BSDesigns

    BSDesigns New Member

    I saw a plugin working very similar to the thing I need but the developers dont answer for my qute for customization so I desided to write the plugin by my own I wanted to save some time but what can you do....
    Wish me luck :)
    Happy Hollydays

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