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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by JMeZigns, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. JMeZigns

    JMeZigns New Member

    I recently integrated a WP blog into a static XHTML site. The site is nearing completion and I found an annoying issue in the comments section of the blog. If you select the "comments" link of any post the css seems to break. This can be seen in the bottom portion of the blog where the closing image of the "blog" div is pushed about 10px below the actual "blogPost" div. This doesn't occur on the index.php page itself. I am sort of new to integrating WP blogs into sites so any suggestions into fixing this would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog as it should look is;


    And the blog comments page with the odd image spacing is;

  2. JMeZigns

    JMeZigns New Member

    I found the problem. :) There was a rogue paragraph break under the submit button pushing the bottom image down 10px.
  3. bradsmokes

    bradsmokes New Member

    Wanted to alert people to an issue I came across with a client's hacked site. ... While this wasn't a WordPress issue, it is something to be aware...:):)
  4. emilyl

    emilyl New Member

    If you believe you've found a security problem in a release of WordPress please see the Security FAQ for information .

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