Wordpress: are web designers still necessary?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by travel_man, Nov 15, 2010.

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  1. travel_man

    travel_man New Member

    Since you can make cool, awesome sites with Wordpress without knowing a thing about web design, who really needs web designers? Are custom made web designs a thing of the past?
  2. anna

    anna New Member

    Are you insensitive, uninformed, ignorant or a combination of all three?!?
  3. anna

    anna New Member

    Aren't you the same person asking about building your musician friend's site to start a portfolio so you could build a client base, and in effect, have a business??

    Maybe you can build your portfolio using wordpress themes, then set up your musician friend's site, then charge people to design websites, even though you don't know a thing about web design.

  4. travel_man

    travel_man New Member

    OK I guess I should have phrased my question better. I actually know a thing or two about web design; I'm actually quite adept at the tools of the trade. I've never used WordPress before and I really don't know all that much about it except that a lot of designers seem to use it to build their sites.

    I guess what I wanted to know was what those designers who use WP think of it, and how they decide whether to use WP or just simply design custom made sites.
  5. orangecopper

    orangecopper New Member

    LOL Anna nice reply : ) flame on that poor fellow !!
    actually the question travel_man asked was really worth answering - Yes the answer to that is - Yes web designers just need to update wordpress to their menu list too and get expertise on that as well since its in demand. Its just that wp increases the demand and work and ofcourse ease of developing quality dynamic websites.. see it positive !!

  6. JoomlaExpert

    JoomlaExpert New Member

    if you dont know how to create websites, hire someone who does.
  7. Fabster

    Fabster New Member

    A standard wordpress template wont replace a webdesigner, unless you want your site to look just like everybody else.

    Even if you use Wordpress, you will need a unique design.
  8. ishie

    ishie New Member

    Of course, web designers are still necessary. Using Wordpress templates has many limitations. If you plan to make a much more professional site or business page, hiring a web designer is more desirable.
  9. bcee

    bcee New Member

    Nice. There is a fourth but I digress.

    People who own companies that want a unique image pay for custom websites. Template Monster has been around since what 2001? They never put a hold on designers. Even now with more and more automated, templated crap there still is a ton of people who don't want the same thing as another company.
  10. porcelain

    porcelain New Member

    hmm, weird question
  11. expo09

    expo09 New Member

    Although there is a lot you can do with Wordpress, if you really want a professional, quality website then it won't do the job as well as a good web designer. Wordpress can do the basic's well but if you want more than that you have to pay for it. There's a lot of restrictions with WP.
  12. EverplexMedia

    EverplexMedia New Member

    Yes, actually there are web designers who make a living off customizing/modifying Wordpress sites.

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