[WIP] My new website

Discussion in 'Website Reviews' started by MEC, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. MEC

    MEC New Member

    i'm still designing this and getting the bugs out.

    like the login system, you can register now and it shoots you an email. but
    forgot password, and login are still bugged.

    probably the best one i've done so far.
    i'd like some feedback on what you think of it.



    The login area slides up and down. its pretty tight
  2. reverseengineer

    reverseengineer New Member

    Dude that seriously looks legit. The "blueish" outline around the header title looks kinda weird to me though.
  3. notarypublic

    notarypublic New Member

    The drop shadow below the image in the header is a bit too big.. it cuts off at the edges of the content area for the page. Otherwise, very nice!

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