winWSD & information left behind once using it.

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by Dazc, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. Dazc

    Dazc New Member

    Right, abit of a random question, i am currently learning web development through information on this forum (and others), various books, videos etc.. more as a hobby and i have a friend in the industry.

    While talking with my friend he told me to use winWSD (i think it is used for viewing websites offline) to ''download'' his website so i could check the source code on my comp and how all his files work together etc.. and it's a good way to learn how things work. so i did and it worked quite well.

    Anyway while talking to him about it he told me once i used it he could see various details about me/my computer... which included...

    on your computer your username/account is called ***

    Browser Firefox 4.0
    OS WinVista
    Resolution 1280x1024
    22nd April 2011 20:49:09
    Multiple visits spread over more than one day
    Firefox 4.0

    ''so i even know you have a folder on your desktop called New Folder and in that folder theres another called CC and in there is a copy of my site''

    ''ohh and your on virgin media and your ip is **.**.**.***'' (*s was real IP)

    ''you first copied the site a week ago on the 22nd April 2011 20:49:09pm''

    I am currently learning about it and i knew that when i visit a website details like my IP would be left behind etc..

    but how can he know things like what folder it was downloaded to? and my computer user name ? i didn't ask him that at the time but it puzzled me abit after, is it normal for details like this to be left behind? hope this noob question makes sense

  2. DHDdirect

    DHDdirect New Member

    Most of that information can be gathered from server log files in which website statistics are created (such as Google Analytics). But.. I would assume it's some sort of user management features of the winWSD software if he can see what folder you downloaded to etc. Saying that though, I haven't looked at this software myself to verify. I wouldn't be too concerned unless you can't trust this friend of yours.
  3. Dazc

    Dazc New Member

    Thanks for the reply, i do trust my friend, as in i know he wouldn't do anything to harm my computer/bank account :) ... but he is the 'dodgey' sort and does like to play about with hacking/jailbreaking type of things for fun.

    i downloaded winWSD from the website, i think it's abit outdated but did the job of downloading the website, i guess i kind of knew information was left behind (so to speak) when visitng a website, but i was abit puzzled how he knew folder names on my desktop... given what he regards as fun

    I am currently learning html/css and have little experience with the server side, so i thaught i had better ask the experts.
  4. DHDdirect

    DHDdirect New Member

    He could have just given you FTP access :)

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