Will redesigning drop your ranking?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by kenmtb, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. kenmtb

    kenmtb New Member

    I am redesigning my site by replacing the old hand written html with MS Publisher generated html. I am using most of the old text on each page. Most of the change is aesthetics.
    Could a major redesign cause my site to drop in ranking?
    Thank you
  2. jannet hayden

    jannet hayden New Member

    I think so it will effect the ranking
  3. HostColor

    HostColor New Member

    Changing the design will not affect your ranking. The bots or crawlers as they are referred to, cannot interpret any graphics elements like logos and animations. However a change in your content like displace or a partial change of it may affect your ranking in the search engines.
  4. expo09

    expo09 New Member

    Why is this?

    I don't agree. Changing the content could but you say most of that will remain as it is. Plus changing the content could just as likely IMPROVE the rankings, depending on the specific changes.
  5. craftygeek

    craftygeek New Member

    I have seen cases where a complete site rebuild dropped the page rank...if we're talking small design changes, or additional new content then it shouldn't have an effect.
  6. bluecollar01

    bluecollar01 New Member

    I know when I redesigned my site (I changed design and content) that it dropped completely out of the top 100 for almost a month before rising to higher SERP rankings than prior to the redesign. I'm not sure if that is indicative of all redesigns or just my situation but thought I would share. Thanks.
  7. WebbyD

    WebbyD New Member

    Ranking is strictly about traffic and content. As long as your not deleting all your content your ranking should not be affected one bit. However if you redesign and the viewers dislike it and stop coming to the site then it will effect it in that sense.
  8. Brillig

    Brillig New Member

    As many have mentioned, graphical elements won't effect it.

    If you're talking about new layout and new content, it depends on whether you are improving things or making things worse.

    We just went live with a new redesign (a lot of it strategically done for SEO) and saw a HUGE bump in our Yahoo search results.

    (We're assuming we'll see the same in Google, but Google tends to take longer).
  9. empoweredseo

    empoweredseo New Member

    It will affect ranking only if you loose backlinks or the pages are changed and links point to a page no longer existing.

    Changing design too often may also cause you to get blacklisted by google
  10. palme

    palme New Member

    if you redesign your site , you must take care of the pages you have deleted or increase or decrease pages must take effect in the site map, and you must also check if a page must deleted , check about links to that page , if there are some links to that page, so you will take problem 404, file not found and for at solve this problem, you shall preserve the old page with a meta refersh to new page with 5 secounds and ...
  11. Jay-S

    Jay-S New Member

    It will not affect your ranking unless you changed pages completely or moved where they are located.
  12. mrandrei

    mrandrei New Member

    It will definitely have some effects on ranking, but nothing major. Expect to get your ranking back after a few weeks. Just make sure you didn't change any titles and tags.
  13. bluecollar01

    bluecollar01 New Member

    it's my understanding that you should also set-up 301 redirects for any pages that are not going to be carried over from your old site to help preserve your ranking.
  14. jasontn

    jasontn New Member

    Sometimes redesigning your site will help rankings not hurt them. Why? It's because Google likes new content. If you remember to put new content then probably your redesigning will help the site.
  15. Danielnash

    Danielnash New Member

    you know dear, google wants somethigs new on ur site like content changing, it will improve ur rank definatly
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