Will PHP work?

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by Foresight, Oct 4, 2008.

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  1. Foresight

    Foresight New Member

    So my friend and I are making an Online Browser-Based game,
    from what I learned so far PHP is what I plan on using,

    The type of things I want in this game,
    are simply status bar for health and things like that,
    and a click able map, user profile, items,
    Just a very basic beta version,

    Is PHP good for doing this?
  2. wetgravy

    wetgravy New Member

    yeah, php is what you want to use, but also alot of browser based games have alot of perl and cold fusion worked into them to make them figure out combat properly. Also look at ... atleast 500 hours for code and testing. also, make sure your server has cronjob access.

    i wish you luck in your project.
  3. Foresight

    Foresight New Member

    My friend was just talking to me about loaning me his Cold Fusion book,
    I'll defiantly learn it now,

    Thank You,
  4. joe

    joe New Member

    You don't need perl or cold fusion...just do it all in php.
  5. 11Sale

    11Sale New Member

    PHP would be good

    yes, PHP is perfect in this case...

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