Why is it difficult to convince a client that content is the key?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by cquinndesign, Apr 6, 2010.

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  1. cquinndesign

    cquinndesign New Member

    I have a client who I am actively doing SEO work for. This client has already made about 14 video's related to his line of work. He wants me to submit these video's to various video submission sites, which I do.

    Here's the problem, he wants me to take these 10-14 video's and edit them slightly so they don't appear to be duplicates and keep re-uploading them to the same sites under different names.

    He pays me for the work, and its good pay. But I would rather see him making new content because I know his customer base is going to see what he is doing and not like it! I just want him to create new content!

    Its not hard to take a web cam and read off tips or definitions of words related to his field.....

    What can I do?
  2. ufone1234

    ufone1234 New Member

    If it is ecommerce client he may argue that the content is same as all the products he is selling is already there. so the need of a unique content
  3. palme

    palme New Member

    i have set many of video the same content but under different names in the youtube.
    but what,s the porpse of that, why he wants that, is it to make more traffic or monotisation, i know also if that's about text contet, if two text be equal about 30% is it OK and more than that is not accepted, what about video or film?.
  4. letithelp

    letithelp New Member

    Maybe because he is not that expose to the internet marketing and does doubt that content is the king.. Why don't to try to explain to him what an original content can do to his website..:)
  5. bluecollar01

    bluecollar01 New Member

    i would inform him of the possibility of penalties that may be imposed on his site by the search engines for duplicate content. maybe, that will spur him to make additional content. of course, it may slow down the amount of work you have to do but i'm sure you'd rather be known for helping someone produce a high-ranking site using white hat tactics.
  6. leroy30

    leroy30 New Member

    Ask him.

    I recently worked for someone that just could not grasp anything I told them. Pretty much they didn't trust my judgment and believed they new more yet they were still willing to pay me. Go figure!

    In the end the client gets what the client wants. Your job is to make sure they understand the pros and cons of what they want. Once they know that then the decision has no liability on yourself.

    Just cover your @ss is all I can say. Don't let that client come back in 6 months saying you ruined their SEO campaign by putting duplicate content that customers didn't like just make sure your comeback is "I told you so!"...
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