Why/How did YOU start Web Design?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by NadiaCweb, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. NadiaCweb

    NadiaCweb New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Just curious how and why you started web design.

    For me, I started young, age 11. I was addicted to this game and decided to make a fan page for it. The game was MSN Ants, if anyone remembers that I'll give them a cookie. I learned everything from then on, everything on my own, everything online. It's pretty cool to gain a skill that way. It's been an awesome experience.

    -Nadia C.
  2. junewest098

    junewest098 New Member

    I started my web designing because I really love html codes and I really love making strategies. and creativity.


    [email protected] Utah SEO
  3. mikewest089

    mikewest089 New Member

    Maybe because I really like designing not only website but also things around me, but back then I realized I must choose one to be my career. And then I choose web designing.


    Mike @ Utah Web Design
  4. disenoweb

    disenoweb New Member

    I started very young too. I think its normaly for our "generation" which lives with the internet since we can walk (okay more or less ;) ) that at some point we are interested in doing our own things. No important if it was for some webcommunity, a game or something similiar. I think the only difference is that their are creative people which starts over with that and continue and other people which love the internet too but which have other talents.
  5. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    doing pascal scripts in yr 10 computing studies.
    then playing around on the then very new, "internet" on my super fast 14.4k modem,
    hobby sites etc.
    then more seriously when css came out. figured I could make some decent money from doing something I enjoyed doing...

    nowadays I dream in code. sad I know...
  6. shanewest089

    shanewest089 New Member

    I start web designing when I found out about Html, when I was in college and the professors taught us about this and I found this very interesting so, I started to study more about it and create my own page using html codes, but now, technologies are higher, I am using dreamweaver.


    Shane @ Utah SEO
  7. disenoweb

    disenoweb New Member

    Sculture wasnt my thing in school :) but I love traditional painting. I think it could be very helpful for web- or graphicdesigners if you have some practice with traditional art too
  8. nicktaylor089

    nicktaylor089 New Member

    I've know a person like you who just played online and then realize he will be a web designer. Me, I started designing my site when I learned the old fashion html, it is really interesting and I'm loving it.


    Nick @ Utah Web Design
  9. disenoweb

    disenoweb New Member

    I am the only one who started webdesigning with tablelayouts? ;)
  10. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    I started web designing as a young teen because I wanted a chat room. But the chat website required that I had a website so I could embed their java applet. So I joined geocities when it first started (when it pretty much relied on html) and then just got better from there!
  11. Gurther

    Gurther New Member

    I started webdesign in 2009 when I was unemployed. With no start up money to speak of other than enough to pay for one year hosting (about $50) I made my own site from scratch. So I started web design because if you have no money and are willing to work hard web design is the only way you can have a global audience for free. As Google says you create the content and they will monetize it for you with adwords.
  12. iamshawnrice

    iamshawnrice New Member

    I went to school for acting, worked professionally for about 5 years. Fell out of love for the business. In the interim I was working with a comedy group and I was the most tech savvy member of the bunch, so I took on the marketing materials responsibilities.

    I soon found those sessions far more stimulating than performing.
  13. http social

    http social New Member

    I did Web Systems 1, 2 and 3 at Monash university.
    then I could not stop thinking of websites.
  14. che09

    che09 New Member

    Web Designing is indeed a good career! Especially at this point in our era that 'computer' is really important!
  15. Clairy

    Clairy New Member

    We had to take General Information technology as a subject when I was schooling. I got highest marks in that subject then I realized that the field works well for me and then I went for some private classes, now I graduated with IT degree. This is how I start my website designing journey.
  16. Anciah

    Anciah New Member

    My elder sister is a professional web designer, I used to sit with her when she was doing websites at home and I liked the way she designs then I thought of going for classes since I have a good creative mind than my sister. This is how I started web designing.
  17. TheWebTaylor

    TheWebTaylor New Member

    My step dad taught me some html & Javascript when I was 10, I then came back to it 9 years later as I needed to do design some pages on my company's intranet.

    4 years later I am now working for myself designing and developing a whole range of different sites... I would not swap this job for anything!
  18. KristinWard

    KristinWard New Member

    It was in my second year of high school. We were required to take basic keyboarding and I loved the teacher even if the course work was a bit boring. So I ended up taking web design with her which I really enjoyed and it kept going from there.
  19. AsheSkyler

    AsheSkyler New Member

    I started in 2005. I wanted my own website and used GeoCities' PageBuilder. Developed a stout dislike for website builders and taught myself HTML. I fell in love with coding and recently started college to get the necessary pieces of paper that'll let me make a career of it.

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