Why do you need a good web design?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by JemsRoker, Jun 2, 2010.

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  1. JemsRoker

    JemsRoker New Member

    Whatever your size of business may be, as an online business owner, it is nowadays impossible to deny the significance of strong internet presence. The idea is to attract visitors and keep them interested and this is exactly where your sleek online presence actually matters. However, the extent of the importance of a neat web design is not known to many. The fact is, with the right web design you can actually boost up your business with atleast 30 percent more business and leads as compared to an average web design.
    However, as the website is made of several dynamic elements, it is indeed necessary to comprehend and recognize the impact of each on your web design and your visitors in order to be benefited from the significant role web design and thereby enhance your business growth.
    Let us see how web design and a good web design can help you!
    Color & balance: Today, websites are more than mere online catalogues but is reckoned as the walking talking sales person creating your brand identity on the World Wide Web. The kind of colors you use and also the particular types of shapes and patterns you have on your website hence create the first impression of your products and services to the viewer. The fact is although you can get tons of visits to your site, but dull colors , bad symmetry can nullify all your efforts which you put in optimizing your site to drive the targeted audience to it.
    Logos & Brands: Remember this thumb point that your logos help the visitors to remember you easily and can make a huge impact on your brand. However, the way to present your brand online is an art itself as you just cannot have anything placed anywhere. It is only the professional eyes of the web design companies which scan through user preferences and can aid you in determining the positions of each element on your website.
    Call for action buttons: Now that everything is on place, once the visitor logs on to your site you would like him to take certain actions right! After visiting your site if he simply logs out without taking any action then you are going to lose on your prospective leads. The fact is after the visitors come to the site, there is a point when his/her interest peaks and this is the time the call for action button or banner should appear. The professional web designers know where to place the call for action buttons or your contact details so that you do not lose out on opportunities.
    Last but not the least, a good web design is all about getting all these elements together in a so that the site looks attractive and also serves the business purposes. Professional web design is thus to make your website be easy to surf with clear headers and title, neat, user friendly to help you in generating great business online with an immense web presence.
    Source: http://www.xigmapro.com/blog/professional-web-design

    Please add your suggestion about this. Thanks.
  2. CrimsonFox

    CrimsonFox New Member

    Spot on the money. Particularly with regards to the call to action buttons, I work as part of a branding agency and we always ensure our marketing material has clear and succinct calls to action. Very hand advice.
  3. JemsRoker

    JemsRoker New Member

    It is time for the entrepreneurs to be concerned over business Website Design. Otherwise you would be missing out on tremendous profit if you do not make your mark on the World Wide Web. A neat, organized and user friendly site is indeed the keys to achieve the entrepreneurial success.
    Well, people are aware of the fact that making a site does not work under the guideline of copy and paste and you can fortify your online brand image if you know the art of manipulating the graphic designer tools! As a matter of fact business website that is ideally built and professionally marketed is sure to bring in many leads and sales. Avoid the common mistakes while designing the business website.
  4. johns123

    johns123 New Member

    Good website design attract the visitors to your sites, it is just like a house which is look beautiful form outside and inner, so that everybody like to stay there, and a website which designed properly do visitor's spend maximum time upon it..
  5. Johan Arthur

    Johan Arthur New Member

    web design

    its a common thing to post a web with good design others wise visitors will not want to view a web without a decent design.Sometimes only good design attracts the viewers most.
  6. expo09

    expo09 New Member

    Just ask yourself where you go when you are searching for business services. Online? That tells you all you need to know about the importance of a having an online presence.
  7. anna

    anna New Member

    Why are you posting remedial advice (and responses) to a site full of web developers/designers that already know this stuff??
  8. zhoom

    zhoom New Member

    A good web design can help you in every aspect of your website. From ranking high in search engines to converting lot of your visitors to customers, a good web design is really needed.
  9. jasikajohnson

    jasikajohnson New Member

    Need a web-design,because a design is a main thing,if your small business or a big business then you do a perfect design for your site,all person come in your site they check how site look and then come in site if developing is perfect then you must concentrate on if your design is a best then all mostly like this.
  10. sjohn

    sjohn New Member

    The benefits of having a good website designed and submitted to the internet depend on the nature of your business and to the extent of which you choose to utilise the technology available to you.If your business offers a large range of products or services then the most prominent of these should be on display the most.
  11. JemsRoker

    JemsRoker New Member

    It is exactly true.
  12. celinar

    celinar New Member

    well i guess a good web design will help you to get more leads..more customer attract towards it
  13. Johny25

    Johny25 New Member

    newbie here

    Hey Guys
    I am new here.
    I am very much interested in web designing and I think I am gonna build my career on web designing. What do you guys think? I am gonna share my experience with you guys;)
  14. POWW

    POWW New Member

    Johny25 response


    That would be great at starting your career on Web Design, one point that I can tell you to get your mind around at the start is 'liquid' images (images that automatically fill up any sized resolution) this is the first mistake that I personally made and that others did too. Just make sure your design still looks like same on an 11" screen compared to a 27" widescreen.
    It can take a while to get your mind around it all but once you have, it will be the most beneficial thing you will do and people will begin to use your service more.

    I hope that helped a little bit, just to get you a kick start and not make the same mistakes we made for about 4 months at the beginning.
  15. v2Media

    v2Media New Member

    I would suggest that posting duplicate content is something that the search engines won't like. In providing a link back to the original content, you've exposed your seo motivations for the post. As previously said by another member, you're stating the obvious and haven't contributed anything original to an already hammered-to-death topic.

    A better approach would have been to ask members to click through to your article, read it, then reply with suggested feedback.

    What you haven't considered is that most of your influence in the target market is going to be in your local geographic. What you do to market your busness locally should be the main focus of your marketing plan, not the website. Not many businesses attract 100% of their trade from the internet; usually it's around 10-40%. Thus your website should receive 10-40% of your marketing efforts.

    Bottom line, don't rely on your website to generate all of your business. Your website should only play a proportionate part in a healthy marketing mix.
  16. tim.mccarthy

    tim.mccarthy New Member

    So good post and useful information.
  17. steammultimedia

    steammultimedia New Member

    A good Web Designer may cost you more but they tend to do more of you. They will know about how to design a website properly and get your website onto google.

    It is a thing of if you pay cheep then you have to expect cheep results.


    Steam Multimedia - Web Design Glasgow
  18. Rocky22

    Rocky22 New Member

    I am also new in this forum.
    I read your reply and its really very helpful as well as inspiring too.
    Thanks for sharing.
  19. LouTheDesigner

    LouTheDesigner New Member

    If it were up to me every website would look like craigslist. I just want to get to the information that I'm seeking as quickly as possible. Why do you think wikipedia is so successful?

  20. kellynicole1986

    kellynicole1986 New Member

    I am Kelly Nicole from Vancouver, Canada.
    I need to design my site for increasing traffic and popularity.

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