Why do we need good graphic design for website?

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by JemsRoker, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. JemsRoker

    JemsRoker New Member

    Why do we need good graphic design for website?
    Do you have any idea about this?
  2. froonylose

    froonylose New Member

    I think that good graphic make your website look good, and attractive, so by this many people like and attract with your website. I think that every one should make their website look better, so that they need good graphic design for website.
  3. POWW

    POWW New Member

    I believe website aesthetics are very important for websites to maintain users. For example, whilst I was browsing the internet the other day and I came across a website and after reading all of it’s content I was thinking ‘Wow, what a great business.’ Unfortunately, not everyone bothers reading the content of a website, they simply take a look at the design and decide instantly whether or not they are going to close the window.

    When searching through a search engine, individuals click the first results, look at the layout and consider whether or not its worth their time, so if a website has a crappy design, of course they will look for the same services elsewhere!
  4. karlmale

    karlmale New Member

    Good graphic design to your website will attract, persuade, and evoke emotions to your viewers. Your graphics can easily show them what you mean and what you want them to do. So better make your graphic designs really good coz this is one key to a successful business.
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  5. ishie

    ishie New Member

    Good website graphics are appealing to the users. A well-designed site attracts visitors, because it's an effective landing page. This eventually leads to better conversions.
  6. BMA

    BMA Banned

    People expect a certain amount of dressing up in a business. For the same reasons that you wouldn't put a smelly slob at the front desk, you want to make sure the graphic impression made by your website portrays your business in the correct fashion.

    However, I do sometimes argue that there is such a thing as graphics that are too good. If you have really good information that can only be portrayed correctly by text, you don't want graphics that mesmerize your visitors and distract them from the most important sales points.
  7. BradT81

    BradT81 New Member

    The design of your site is the absolute first thing that your visitors see when they land on your website. If they hate the design chances are they wont even consider your content. Therefore it is extremely important
  8. Andrew23

    Andrew23 New Member

    When I come across a site with a poor web design, I leave immediately. If a site can't even be somewhat appealing, then their content probably matches. Without an appealing design, your reputation gets diminished and so will your sales and return visitors.

    You need a great design, or you will have a real hard time beating competitors.
  9. JemsRoker

    JemsRoker New Member

    So content, design and site's offer must be matched that means they will be relevant and will strongly support each other.
  10. mrandrei

    mrandrei New Member

    Good graphic design has the clout to attract people, that's the main reason why it is important. It is also somewhat related or part of company branding.

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