Why choose "Unlimited" when its not real?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by ms2134, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. ms2134

    ms2134 New Member

    I am always astranged when many people will go for "Unlimited Website Hosting" in the know how that it is not really Unlimited.

    I own a website hosting company and we do not oversell. We tend to lose out on clients because of this Mythological "Unlimited Website Hosting".

    All "Unlimited Website Hosting" companies are OVERSELLING! Which means that they are putting YOUR WEBSITE is danger if their clients decide to use a good amount of their "Unlimited" hosting.

    If you are going to have a small website, then why bother with a NOT SO UNLIMITED website hosting company. You could go for a nice website hosting company, with fast servers, an easy to use control panel and friendly & helpful support.

    I would like to know your views on this subject?

    ~ Mike
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  2. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I agree, it is stupid, but there are web hosts out there who even offer x gb of data space and y gb of data transfer and even that is a lie, because they will try and shut you down or make you upgrade. liquidweb.com was such a host, offer you 350gb of data transfer and then tell you need to upgrade when you are only using 30gb of data transfer.
    So unlimited or even setting a limit, there are a lot of lies in what people are offering out there.
    I found nocster.com reseller accounts, they seem to honor what they say, but not liquidweb.com
  3. Nick

    Nick New Member

    Yep, guys, you are right and I Think that those companies are using this trick just for increasing their profits that's all. And many newbies have a lack of knowledge and experience to understnad this... It very unfair for the customers
  4. toxicdav3

    toxicdav3 New Member

    I just lost a couple of customers to Dreamhost because they have "no limits". Its all bullshit advertising.
  5. Vanish Design

    Vanish Design New Member

    LOL there's an ad on top of this page advertising Unlimited bandwidth. Seriously, though, you ought to write about it in your ad copy or homepage or blog or something.

    You need to convince people that you're a better host. They say unlimited, you have to do them one better. Reliable, honest, I don't know. The reason I stick with my host is because they're always quick to respond to my questions, they're helpful and I've never received a form email from them.

    Few people really need unlimited space anyway. What kind of files are they storing? Video, audio, pirated software?

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