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Discussion in 'Programming' started by conflictingcake, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. conflictingcake

    conflictingcake New Member

    Looking for some advice - Please Help

    I've got a website designed and now
    my mission is to find the best approach for enabling customers the ability to upload large audio files to me likely over ftp, which in turn I can perform services upon and then have a way of sending back text files perhaps into a user account for customers to retrieve.

    I'm a novice developer as you can see, but I'm looking to learn what's involved to put this together if that's either a MySQL CMS setup direction or
    taking advantage of my hosting servers unlimited ftp accounts and disk space.

    If someone could point me in the right direction, i'd really appreciate it.

  2. viper94x

    viper94x New Member

    I suppose you just want an form with an upload function?!
    In that case look around on google for some script, there are a lot out there.
    Could you maybe be a bit more specific about the whole process of processing the files?
    So we can help you better.
  3. Nathan Joshua

    Nathan Joshua New Member

    You can easily send text files through email.

    Create a form with email input and upload input. when they start uploading the audio file the form will send you an email with there email attached.

    I did this recently for an AJAX/PHP form, you can set it up so the form returns errors via your email address, and if there were no errors tells you the uploaded files name.
  4. Analyst101

    Analyst101 New Member

    I suggest you use Nathan's idea since if it were an upload form directly to your server it would leave many security holes. However if you'd like to see how I have uploaded files to my server check out my other post in the programming forum it may help you out..except its for pdf files not audio files so you'll need to change some parameters.

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