where have all the good designers gone

Discussion in 'Requests' started by [email protected], Jul 27, 2005.

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  1. tframe@dhaus.com

    [email protected] New Member

    are all the good web designers now freelance, we have been looking for a web designer here in the UK for a month now, but judging by the CV's we have been getting, most of them could not design themselves out of a paper bag, also most of them don't understand the difference between a designer and a developer :mad:
    As a studio we believe you can't effectively work with freelancers, especially when your clients end up being long term clients. Its just too much project management.


    any thoughts?
  2. StephanieCordray

    StephanieCordray New Member

    is this a have to be travel to the office and work a full day's work for a full work week there kind of position? Not all freelancers are the same... it just takes some digging to find the really good ones.

    I know a lady who does a bang up job as her own business with a steady long term clientele. Her niche however is geographically confined and geared towards tourism within a certain area of the states. However she is just one of many who are very good at what they do. If it can be a "telecommute" I'll keep you in mind when I see something that might fit.
  3. wallstreeterwww

    wallstreeterwww New Member

    Hello i have an awesome designer

    I have a web designer who has done brilliant work for me and many other american clients even though he is based in india. Most of the time free lancers cant do the same job as an inhouse person but this guy is online 17 hours a day and he is totally dedicated to his webdesign projects and treat each project as it were his child. He has probably done over a hundred sites by now and is getting swamped with work.
    Maybe you 2 can strike a deal to where he can work in your office there.
    When u see some of his designs you will flip.
    Send me an email sir at [email protected] and ill show you his portfolio. you will be getting one of the best out there
    san diego california
  4. 360scenes

    360scenes New Member

    Our team has several designers skilled in html and flash as well as programming. If you need to outsource work we offer web design and several other services. Check out www.360scenes.tv and ask us for a quote.
  5. bluewire

    bluewire New Member

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