whats your opinion on templates?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by vheiar03, Feb 8, 2011.

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  1. vheiar03

    vheiar03 New Member

    Whats do you think about templates? Do you use them? Just as inspiration? If you do use them do you use the entire template? I'm a new designer and want to know what other designers think?
  2. PixelPusher

    PixelPusher Super Moderator Staff Member

    Basic markup templates/frameworks can be helpful, if written well. They allow you to jump right into customization.

    Design templates like from say templatemonster.com are great of you're having designers block and could do with some inspiration.

    As far as a fully built site template...I usually prefer to build my own due to that fact that many templates intended for resale are slapped together very quickly, kinda like track housing. There are many factors that need to be looked at, quality of markup, css, and image optimization just to name a few. In the end it is often faster to build your own.
  3. SEOArbiter

    SEOArbiter New Member

    Templates work fine, depending on what you need it for or what you are designing. It also may depend on the timeframe you have to complete it.
  4. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    absolutely! you ALWAYS need to check out whether or not you can use the template to your advantage, or whether it'll just drive you crazy modifying it.

    always best to design your own though.
  5. Mythic Tech

    Mythic Tech New Member

    It depends, what you are using it for. Is it a customer who does not want to pay for a custom design or is it for your own purposes. I would never use a template for my own purposes to me being unique means more than time saved.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2011
  6. che09

    che09 New Member

    Well stated. I think no one would want something already done. It's not unique at all. Although,it might be use as one's inspiration.
  7. Mug

    Mug New Member

    All of my designs are unique but if the client wants to spend less than £250 (it does happen) then I will use a template. I will explain that someone else could have the same design which usually means they will want a custom design. People tend to want a cheap as possible website which is a shame.
  8. notarypublic

    notarypublic New Member

    Wholeheartedly agreed. I try to explain that a pre-made template like that looks mass produced and disingenuous, but a client doesn't grasp that websites are an entirely different kind of advertisement than a print ad (where conformity is preferred).

    Here is a good article on whitespace, but it makes a good point regarding this issue of templates - scroll down to where it talks about Brand Positioning.
  9. ionapostol

    ionapostol New Member

    The templates are good only for inspiration because like guy above said is very poor on coding. You shoudl go and make one of yours if you want no headache.
  10. kohncreative

    kohncreative New Member

    Agreed with the 'good for inspiration' thoughts above. I find whether it's templates or pre-built CMS, you end up spending more time trying how to fit custom content into the framework.
  11. eonic

    eonic New Member

    great timesaver for donkey work....
  12. Pheno

    Pheno New Member

    Templates are fine, there are only so many ways to design a website after all :)

    But if you are professionally web designing then you will need to make modifications to any templates, which can be harder than designing the thing from scratch.
  13. cobraart

    cobraart New Member

    I agree...inspiration only...changing css in templates is like evil tetris...if you had to add a div for a call to action or something like that...you could spend just as long adjusting margin, negative margins, padding.......as you would building something similar from scratch...I can make a great templete in a couple of hours and i have more time adjusting a clients template, especially with ugly css..
  14. cizzlingeast

    cizzlingeast New Member

    well i dont think that it is bad to use templates as inspiration and also we got idea to know that what is in these days on web and what is old fashioned..
    so surfing templates is always good for research and inspiration.
  15. SawyerrKen

    SawyerrKen New Member

    They are good for inspiration. You can combine inspirations from one or more templates to form something unique :)
  16. thewebexec

    thewebexec New Member

    My opinion is that you will start off using templates, as you start to alter them you will pick up on extra bits of code, or design principles, and before you know it, you'll start altering purchased templates to the point where you give up and start creating your own from scratch.
  17. CandelierNeWb

    CandelierNeWb New Member

    I'm new to this and just took on client on making his site. I kind of made it seem as if I knew a bit about designer but in reality my strong side is networking. I can make $500, am I being dishonest or should I jump right in??? and figure it out??

    Thanks in advance
  18. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    jump right in!
    its only a $500 site, so use it for experience.

    I have had many sites where clients have requested that they use their old cms but redo the entire site design, so i've had to learn the cms as i was building.

    I have had many clients ask me to do things that i didnt know how to do, but spent the time learning how to do said thing, and its now another feather in my cap.

    I did work once at a place where I only did web work that I was comfortable with and it didnt push any boundaries or stimulate me. I quit.

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