What was your way of learning code?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by cleverport, Aug 3, 2012.

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  1. cleverport

    cleverport New Member

    Books, Online, College, High School.

    What way did you use to learn web design or web programming?:D

    For me I am using codeacademy.com its good site and 100% free.
  2. CaldwellYSR

    CaldwellYSR Member

    Okay I have to say that's a really cool site.
  3. ronaldroe

    ronaldroe Super Moderator Staff Member

    Love Codeacademy. Went thru most of their JS tut, and they just added Python. Codeschool is another good one along the same lines, except you have to pay for everything but Ruby/Ruby on Rails.
  4. cleverport

    cleverport New Member

    it is

    Indeed It is. I love it better the w3 school
  5. alloydog

    alloydog New Member

    I started way back in 97-ish. I used Yahoo Geocities with the online editor. It had a few quirks which I didn't like, so I started using Netscape Composer. Still, it didn't seem to do exactly what I wanted, so, I out of curiosity, I right-clicked on the HTML file and saw it was easy to read. I then found the W3C HTML 4.01 spec pages. I printed them up and used them as reference.
  6. AsheSkyler

    AsheSkyler New Member

    I began on Yahoo GeoCities with their PageBuilder. I hated how uneven my site was and opened Notepad after I bought Web Design for Dummies. Since then it's been a motley of W3 Schools, random articles, websites, and viewing source code from other sites.
  7. jumpingspider

    jumpingspider New Member

    Codeacademy is really a great site. It can be very helpful to those who really want to learn coding.
  8. Edge

    Edge Member

    I started off creating this awful code through Dreamweaver and even Fireworks and then I looked at the code that was being created and tidied it up using split view and saw that the layout didn't change but the code got less and less. A defining moment was when someone threw the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at me about 10 years ago and after that I started finding out how to code semantically and scrupulously through forums and Google.
  9. vladimir80

    vladimir80 New Member

    I'd never heard before about codeacademy.
    I was only using w3school
  10. HireLogo

    HireLogo New Member

    html with view source and css goog tutorials and firebug since its been around.

    edit: since I've known about it.
  11. bdclippingpath

    bdclippingpath New Member

    I am just learning this.
  12. Airehk

    Airehk New Member

    Code Academy is really cool. Thanks for sharing.

    To answer the question, I learned some in high school, lots in college, but most has been by my own curiosities on how to accomplish a goal and looking up resources online and books.
  13. leroy30

    leroy30 New Member

    Aha, an interesting thread! It's always great to learn how others did it.

    I'm not going to write my life story but here are the key steps I took.

    Age 11: Qbasic writing games. Pointed to QB by my step dad, learnt it by his guidance and the internet.

    Age 11: Messing around with adobe pagemill to make a basic webpage. Never launched anything.

    Age 13ish: Messing with pages on geocities. Still using Qbasic. Learning everything from searching the web.

    Age 15ish: Moved to visual basic 6 building directX 2D strategy map builders. Never got past the map builder apps but had some wicked simulated trees and terrain lol. Still using the net to learn (just Googling specific things).

    Age 15ish: Playing around with photoshop, milkshape 3D, blender 3D, 3D studio, Dark Basic

    17ish: 3D studio, learning by doing and some www tutorials. Sidelined programming and www.

    19ish: Boss picked up on IT skills and 'commissioned' me to learn how to build an app he wanted. Used the web to learn MS Access (shame)

    19ish: Boss paid me to develop website. At this stage was learning Visual Basic .NET for the web, learning from Googling and just doing it.

    21ish: Learning everything from this stage onwards by Google including WPF, VB.Net, C#.Net, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, SQL, and so on.

    Key theme here is I just 'googled' everything I needed to know. I would think of a project and create the project, design the first form or page or whatever and at every stage when I got stuck I'd Google a way around it.

    Occasionally following some tutorials of course! And learning lots of good stuff from many forum threads.
  14. rapidseo

    rapidseo New Member

    books, online, forums, blogs everything online
  15. rapidseo

    rapidseo New Member

    the best way to learn is through online forums, cause people can help you and it can be in forms of understandable coding

    plus you can see it in action
  16. benjamin.morgan

    benjamin.morgan New Member

    Actually learning it starting at age 14 almost 4 years ago and I mainly used w3schools for html then I used CSS the missing manual for css learning (plus the help from the forums for random buggy problems that come up) . I started doing codeacademy but really didn't like it that much. Don't get me wrong it's great but I wanted to do Javascript by a book. ( I have watched several tutorials but books seem to cover it better). I have a little in PHP and I can do JS and PHP basics easy just not very much beyond the basics. Currently I am learning the Joomla CMS.
  17. che09

    che09 New Member

    This one is popular but Code Academy,is cooler!
  18. Niamh Erbek

    Niamh Erbek Banned

    Initially I did participate for individual classes and grasp knowledge about web designing and coding. Then I gathered some extra knowledge by referring w3 school online tutorials and websites. These are the secrets of my success.

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