What type of font should i use for my lgo

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by tkowebworks, Oct 4, 2011.

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  1. tkowebworks

    tkowebworks New Member

    Should I use a "common" font for my website logo, meaning something that commonly comes with most programs,
    should I try to buy or find a free download for a unique font?

    What is common practice? I don't mind doing either one, but I've seen some pretty cool ones out there and I don't want to sell my logo short by having something really common.

    Any suggestions?
  2. mackonline

    mackonline New Member

    It's your logo. Obviously you should prefer something unique
  3. pdxwebdesign

    pdxwebdesign New Member

    Perhaps I'm old-school, but I always try to pick a typeface that works for the brand I'm trying to represent and then tweak it so it isn't just a font slapped next to a mark. That's where uniqueness really comes in, I think. My 2 cents. :)
  4. Phreaddee

    Phreaddee Super Moderator Staff Member

    comic sans!

    no seriously...the "font" can be as generic as you want, it will not "harm" or "cheapen" your design. Some of the worlds largest corporate companies use some very basic fonts. (take microsoft for example)

    it just needs to be memorable, legible and consistent with your overall branding
  5. Coffee Freak

    Coffee Freak New Member

    Font logos can be some of the most fun and most challenging, but there is a fine line between "just another word" and a logo. Sometimes it's as simple as adjusting the kerning between two letters that turns a word into a logo, other times it's the typeface itself. I am often times amazed at how much companies will spend revamping a logo for one reason or another. I used to work for Ecolab and they spent MILLIONS (not thousands - MILLIONS) because they had some consultant say that the old logo: [​IMG] was too dark and needed a lighter color to represent the more "green" feel they were going for. They also adjusted the kerning between the L and the A and changed the starburst in the O to look less like salad forks as seen here: [​IMG]

    Money well spent. Perhaps I'm a little put off because not long after they roll this crap out, they can no longer to afford to keep some folks on staff. Namely me.
  6. anna

    anna New Member

    Aww! Sorry to hear that! Just remember when one door closes, another opens...
  7. Edge

    Edge Member

    You should pick a font which suits the style of your business. Remember some fonts look like they are from certain eras too, so think about that when you are selecting onein caseit goes out of fashion. If you think you need a quite fancy handwriting type font it might be best to buy/get a free one. For a simple, basic, sans serif font you could use a common font. So it really depends. I prefer to find a unique one and tweak it some more in Illustrator :)
  8. Coffee Freak

    Coffee Freak New Member

    It already has.... I'm now a stay-at-home dad soon to be a work-for-yourself-and-stay-at-home dad.
  9. computerGeek

    computerGeek Banned

    it's always safe to use a common font.. it's easier to read and familiar for most online users. however, you have to put emphasis on your logo colors.
  10. ccowan

    ccowan New Member

    Test your font and whole logo for that matter in solid black and white and make sure everything is still noticeable and legible. Just a note to go along with the other great comments!
  11. kolikrishno

    kolikrishno New Member

    Someone has released the Windows 7 fonts from somewhere. Go check it out.
  12. jumpingspider

    jumpingspider New Member

    Choosing your business font will make a difference on how people will remember your business. Thus,it is safe to say that using those common fonts will make it more general but choosing your type of fonts will surely make it more appealing!
  13. che09

    che09 New Member

    Use a font that suits well in your taste. Such that it will dignify your logo as well as your business in general!
  14. expo09

    expo09 New Member

    Unique designs (including font) can give you something extra but it has to work. If you try being too unique you could be in danger of pushing it too far. There is no black and white answer to your question - it depends on the design of the logo and which specific fonts you are considering.
  15. blake8705

    blake8705 New Member

    Any font will do.

    I believe the real uniqueness comes from the typography you're willing to create. Times New Roman can look quite brilliant under the right circumstances. I'd suggest searching Google for Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop tutorials over typography for some examples?

    While some may prove quite a bit too extravagant, they will at least give you an idea of what any font can be transformed into (with the right tweaking). Cheers, and best of luck to you!
  16. Caelanmiller

    Caelanmiller New Member

    I've recommend you to use the basic fonts such as Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman. The logo’s output will be perfect if you used the above mentioned font style
  17. doug_eike

    doug_eike New Member

    font for your website logo

    I don't think it's a matter of common or unique, but rather what looks good on your site. If you are experienced at making logos, then you'll probably be able to find a font that fits what you're doing on the site. If you're not experienced at it, perhaps you could have a designer produce several versions of the logo as you envisage it, and then you choose the one you like. Several logo-design websites offer logo-design contests where you set the parameters, and contestants submit their suggestions for your evaluation. Sometimes it's easier if you can see the options, rather than trying to pick one out of the air.
  18. printchesco

    printchesco New Member

    That's not most important question when it comes to fonts. What you should look for is not primarily unique or generic, but rather readable fonts. It's all in the way you use the fonts, anyway.
  19. henry.row

    henry.row New Member

    I always use unique fonts or custom fonts to achieve the best results. Because when something is original it gets more atention.
  20. ashleebridges16

    ashleebridges16 New Member

    you should use verdana or times new roman as majority of computers wont have the other fonts you download so the main fonts already loaded onto your computer will automatically be on others computers.

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