What to look for in an SEO Company

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization and Marketing' started by 1seo, Nov 5, 2014.

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  1. 1seo

    1seo New Member

    Here are ways you and your SEO firm can work together to achieve your objectives:
    • Understand what SEO services are, and aren’t.
    • Hire the right firm.
    • Set clear expectations.
    • Make sure you work together to define what success will look like.
    • Recognize who the experts are, and on what.
    • Communicate.
    • Demand transparency, but don’t micromanage.
    • Give it time.

    Just hoping this helps others out there!
  2. jessica

    jessica New Member

    This one "Set clear expectations" is actually one of the most important for a SEO specialist.

    If i would hire a SEO specialist, i want to see a clear strategie, i want to know what he will deliver, i want to no how my conversion goes up with his strategie, and i want to know what companies he succesfully helped and how.

  3. Edge

    Edge Member

    The most important...
  4. joshyadams

    joshyadams New Member

    Have to agree with setting expectations - more often than not clients have very unrealistic expectations which can be a complete nightmare over time.
  5. tk-hassan

    tk-hassan New Member

    also check that the SEO company should only use legitimate White Hat SEO techniques
  6. cwvps

    cwvps New Member

    I'm not an SEO specialist, but I believe that it's hard to set clear expectations. Actually, this is one of the most important things to set up at the beginning, but I believe you can do it only with the SEO specialist's help. If he knows what he' s doing and has enough of relevant experience, he should be able to tell what is to be expected in a certain period of time.
  7. jainteq

    jainteq Member

    A reputable SEO consultant should be open to sharing a brief list of current and former clients and his or her contact information. You want a consultant who strictly abides by Google's publicly posted webmaster best practices.

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