what script do i need

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by tfgames, Nov 6, 2005.

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  1. tfgames

    tfgames New Member

    I need something that will allow my visitors to be able to add the games off my site to their site. Basically so it takes the game code also the page code and just puts it together. Anyone know? thanks
  2. thetool

    thetool New Member

    You just need to add the code to the site that thew game uses. Possibly in a text box with a copy and past button.
  3. jord1712

    jord1712 New Member

    Here is the script you need to add a game to your site.....;)

    <iframe style="border: 2px solid black" width="###" height="###" src="@@@@@@@@@@@@"></iframe>

    ### - width and height
    @@@@@@ - game url

    just edit that script for each game you have and give it ppl to put on there site. then they have a game on there site:D

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