What is your favorite hosting company?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by LouTheDesigner, Jan 18, 2009.

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  1. LouTheDesigner

    LouTheDesigner New Member

    I use one that is generally not liked by other designers; ipowerweb.com

    I've never had any problems with it, but I was wondering what everyone else uses.

  2. ahk2chan

    ahk2chan New Member

    I have been using cyberhostpro. In general the support system is pretty responsive and robust (both online chat and ticket system).
  3. moonlit

    moonlit New Member


    I've been using them for a few years now and haven't had too many issues. Servers are usually 99.9% up and running which is a good thing. :)
  4. adx

    adx New Member

    From what I can see from the iPowerWeb ad above this message box, it looks to be quite cheap, though I've never used it myself. I'd probably stick to the same host that I first started out with, which is one that has servers located in my home country. I kind of like to know where they are!

    How many of you have actually used more than one host? I'm always reluctant to try new things! Is there really much of a difference these days?
  5. ngchongyang

    ngchongyang New Member

  6. Gorgy

    Gorgy New Member

    I use hostgator.
    It's not very cheap but seems to be a good one.
    Each time I had a question they gave me quick answers
  7. horrorshow75

    horrorshow75 New Member

    I also use host gator I personally think the prices are fairly competitive.

    I pay 9.95(only 7.95 but i pay 2 extra dollars for dedicated ip) a month for:
    Unlimited Disk Space
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    Unlimited Domains
    Unlimited MySql Databases
    Has Cpanel
    a ton of fatastico deluxe apps

  8. Matthew

    Matthew New Member

    I use COVE for my Australian hosting, which are great, with great support. I use NadaSoft for my US hosting.
  9. Jamez

    Jamez New Member

    Try godaddy.com, I've used them for many of my websites and they are good.
  10. webman1200

    webman1200 New Member

    I use Yahoo! Web Hosting. Comes with a good site builder, publish directly from your PC. The SiteBuilder has many good tools to create a great Website. Also is very affordable.

    I also heard GoDaddy is good.
  11. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    I like servint.net for VPS hosting.
  12. Kahanka

    Kahanka New Member

    Hi, I use servercentre.net
    They are fantastic and helped me a lot when putting my first Joomla site online.:)

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  13. Nick

    Nick New Member

    Actually it is hard to say because there are many different great companies that offer various packages of hosting services and I think that it depends on such factors like - rates of your business or company, your budget and so on:)
  14. dWhite

    dWhite New Member

  15. Snerdey

    Snerdey New Member

    We actually use a few depending on the clients needs and request.

    For cPanel hosting I highly recommend www.HostDime.com ( data center in Florida ) they always answer the phone / trouble tickets and very quick to resolve.

    As for more open servers such as massive sites, configuration try clustered servers from Mosso.com ( if you plan to sign up with them I have code to save you money ) we've been with them since day one. It's part of RackSpace.

    Any questions just PM me.
  16. octapulse

    octapulse New Member

    I just signed up with Hostmonster.com and its been good so far . . .
  17. BigSlick

    BigSlick New Member

    GoDaddy is good for their customer service, but they are extremely pricey when compared to some of the competition. This is largely due to their size and brand name. One indication of how large they are is their ability to run an ad during the Superbowl.

    I would check out Dreamhost, or Bluehost. They offer very competitive rates at half of the price or less for an *unlimited account.

    It's important to note that while most of these companies say unlimited, they mean that it is unlimited until you reach a certain point. At this point, which is undisclosed, the web site will need to secure a VPS (virtual Private Server). Generally though, the site will have easily begun to pay for itself by this point, so it is generally not an issue from a financial ROI perspective.

    The best advice I can give is to shop around, and then check out real customer reviews of the site. Be careful of affiliate spam for review sites. Eg. "bluehost review" in google gives you some guy's site who just has a huge network of hosting review sites that all point to the affiliate. Coincidentally, all of the reviews for every hosting service are plenty positive. Go figure.

    Good luck!
  18. nix3ll

    nix3ll New Member

    Webol for the win, it's a finnish hosting service, real good! SUPER CHEAP!

    Doesn't have all the awesome sitebuilders and filemanagers, but who needs that? All I need is a FTP, PHPmyAdmin and PoP3 mail manager.
  19. vilen3

    vilen3 New Member


    It gives u a variety of awesome flash templates that you can customize urself, I used it to make my MMA site, it looks really professional and very easy to use.

    The cost is very affordable, like $25 a month but totally worth
  20. serg

    serg New Member

    I use aplus.net. I think it is the best provider. feedback is great and huge set of tools. It is not cheap to be truth.

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