What is the best web hosting for bloggers right now?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting and Domain Names' started by kitson, Feb 20, 2012.

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  1. kitson

    kitson New Member

    I want to start my own sports blog, and I need web hosting to do it. What is the best web hosting out there now? Are there any web hosts where you can preorder web hosting for someone else as a gift, or where you can buy a web hosting gift card? I might want web hosting for Christmas if it's possible to do.
  2. che09

    che09 New Member

    In my own opinion, it will be WP. You can choose to have it free or paid. I believe you can start on free then if you are satisfied on their services then you can always go on paid!
  3. AmethystNetwork

    AmethystNetwork New Member

    What sort of budget do you have? Any other specific requirements? This sort of information will help us to point you in the right direction
  4. Crook-sam

    Crook-sam Banned

    To become more web host–oriented read independent web hosting reviews that are known to be of high quality and the most up-to-date. They contain information regarding affordable web hosting firms.
  5. AJ-Hypnotherapy

    AJ-Hypnotherapy New Member

    Can I ask why you need web hosting for a blog? When Blogger and WordPress etc exist. Is it so you can have your own blog URL? Sorry to be dense I'm learning!
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  6. hosting4bs

    hosting4bs New Member

    Hostgator or justhost you can use.
  7. VPSblast

    VPSblast New Member

    How skilled is their staff? When you need customer service of a technical nature, you need it immediately, right? Find out the availability of their systems administrators.
  8. AprilLaJune

    AprilLaJune New Member

    I agree with using HostGator or JustHost

    I agree! I have HostGator and for the past three years I've never had a problem. For $9.99 they really are great at technical support, unlimited domain hosting and unlimited storage.

    I have the Baby plan. ;)
  9. 1paket.com

    1paket.com New Member

    Have you already found the right company to have deal with?

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