What do affiliates really want?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs and Advertising Space' started by EricLocken, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. EricLocken

    EricLocken New Member


    I am putting the finishing touches to my affiliate programme and am trying to figure out what affiliates really want.

    Hopefully I can make my affiliate programme stand out from others. Please feel free to add your suggestions.

    I think they base their choice on a number of factors, besides basing it on the commission they can get per sale.

    I think the crutial things are:

    They want to ensure or reduce the chance of the customer going direct without going through there link.

    They want a fairly unique / exclusive product so it is not available from every website they visit.

    Some of them would like the option to drop ship the product so they "own" the customer and the product is just shipped on their behalf.

    They would like multiply layers so they can earn more.

    Let me know if any of you can think of others.

    Eric Locken

  2. StephanieCordray

    StephanieCordray New Member

    I'd be the wrong person to ask about this... I signed up for two programs, google adsense and amazon not to make any real money but as a convenience to visitors to the site... My business is for making money, lol. The one I'm talking about is a project site that isn't costing me anything other than paying for the domain name and time put into it.
  3. ian

    ian Administrator Staff Member

    At the end of the day it all comes down to conversions, and how much money a webmaster can generate from their traffic. Lower percentages etc can yield higher returns if the site generates more sales. But yes things like long life tracking cookies, high percentage of sales, co-branding, and no affiliate holes which can result in loss of commissions are some of the major ones as you mentioned.
    I particularly like affiliate programs which earn me recurring commissions for the lifetime that that person remains a customer. Two tier commissions where you earn commissions on affiliate sales is also quite good.
  4. bighits

    bighits New Member

    Just make sure that when a customer is sent to the buying site that it is a site that will "sell" the customer. Your job is to warm them up and tease them a little bit so they are in the buy mode when they go to that site. Some products are good but the site itself may do a poor job of selling it. You just presell (warm them up). The product site should do the selling. People do not want 2 sales pitches in a row. You make a recommendation. No hard sell on your part.
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  5. trishamcfarlane

    trishamcfarlane New Member

    My pet hate is when affiliate programs don't have affiliate resources; i.e.

    To join my affiliate program just put this link on your site (....hop.clickbank...)

    There should be plenty of ads to choose from as well as some good marketing techniques.

  6. john238

    john238 New Member

    Good payouts, good support, many ways of contacting the affiliate program, quick payouts, many options of payouts, a 2 tier program, residual incomes, many options to link to the affiliate programs site and even their products with the use of datafeeds, etc.
  7. Ar3d

    Ar3d New Member

    Just always affiliate program is not selling a products or services, its a preselling.
  8. card-maker

    card-maker New Member

    high earnings per click.
    a willingness to share data/info with affiliates. e.g. who best converting customers are demographically/geographically/psychographically etc. Of course, this risks putting you in bidding wars with affiliates, where you both vie for hot states on Google AdWords.
    reliability and trustworthiness that you won't shave commissions.
    fast stats updating to tell immediately whether something is convertin/not.
    fast payouts within the week ideally.
    business opportunity to get a white label deal.
  9. e.monsterclicks

    e.monsterclicks New Member

    They want:

    1.- Payments at time.
    2.- Customer Support (from the affiliate network and from the advertiser)
    3.- Good portfolio of creatives (upload all banners that you can, let them to choose what banner to use).
    4.- Convertion Rate.

    And the list can continue..

    The most important thing that I can see after time on this.. is CUSTOMER SUPPORT.. in other words.. contact your affiliates..

    If they know that you are there to help them.. you are going to achieve your goals.

    Talk with your affiliates, they have more answer that you can believe..

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