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Discussion in 'Requests' started by dsuh, Apr 15, 2009.

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  1. dsuh

    dsuh New Member


    I am planning to launch a service business online. I have been planning this for quite a bit now and currently in the process of searching for a reliable web designer to build the site. I have already bought a domain. Here are some basic details of what I am looking for:

    - Need a shopping cart through an order form for customers to fill out.
    - Account creation for customers and staff in order to access "Database"
    - "Database" is essentially an interactive datatable that shows all the orders that are in the system, including new, existing, and historical order etc.. showing details such as order submission date/time, type of service, time until due date, topic etc.. which can be clickable to show further details of the order
    - Customers and Staff should be able to upload files for the work as well as to edit personal information, upload files, download files, send messages to editors vice versa.
    - Automatic email confirmations that triggers for different purposes

    Basically, I have written all the content that needs to be uploaded on the site. Just need design and programming for order mgmt, set up merchant account and shopping cart.

    msg me with your best price. Thanks
  2. chavis

    chavis New Member

    please check the PM
  3. Dima

    Dima New Member

    e-mailed you.

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