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Discussion in 'Web Design' started by brynmuzika, Mar 6, 2010.

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  1. legendandom

    legendandom New Member

    Seriously... You made a very big mistake. Even if you're a total newbie you should know that you don't sign contracts about stuff you don't know...
    If you're in a bank, and the manager gives you a pen and a paper you first read the paper so then you decide if you'll sign, it looks like you just didn't read the agreement, I really don't understand. Depending of what deal you've made, you'll be stuck with your "clients" for the rest of your life...
    If you don't know something, go to someone who knows. Ask a friend, a teacher, a FORUM for christ sake. Don't get yourself into one situation like this never again.

    The best choice for you now is to sit down with your clients and talk them to adjust your contract agreement. This is serious and you can be starting your carreer with problems that can mark you for life....

    Best of luck!
  2. Advanox

    Advanox New Member

    It can be done with a large or small budget. Just check out your options, in the end you get what you pay for. Some firms like I work for do work under any-budget so just see whats available to you & fits your needs.
  3. jemountfort

    jemountfort New Member

    Agreed. My best piece of advice to you is, get the clients specifications next time, quote it with some competition, e.g. even if that means you have to pretend to be a possible client. and keep your prices competitive. $200 is not competitive, even if you are a novice you should be able to keep prices competitive by halving competitions price, but dont get stuck in the rut with charging prices like that. You should use free lance work to build together a portfolio and client base to move on to even larger clients. But as a free lancer i would treat your self as a sole company, competing with other companies
  4. brynmuzika

    brynmuzika Member

    Thanks for your piece of advice, but I just want to clear this up to you. My client and I had an agreement(with contract) of a $200 cost for three(3) websites. 1 for her, and 2 for her husband for they have different businesses.

    Now, they have already paid me 90% but because of that unexpected conflict between us(as you can read on my past posts in this thread), it ended up with my decision to close the project.

    So $200 for THREE(3) websites.
    $200 / 3 = $66.67 is the cost for each website.

    It's getting worst than you think right?
  5. jemountfort

    jemountfort New Member

    Lol, i see, well we have all done some strange things in the early days of business, me included. I would advise you have a think and do some research into how much you think your web design is worth. Its good that your following through with the contract. Ask them to keep the prices confidential so your referrals dont ask for the same pricing.
  6. brynmuzika

    brynmuzika Member

    LOL, best luck for me next time. Thanks :D
  7. brynmuzika

    brynmuzika Member

    These are the websites that I've made for them:

    Each website costs for $3.6 each. This is a dynamic , database driven, purely handcoded with html, css, and PHP (without CMS behind), has ADMIN control panel pages. Some revisions/features were done without extra charge payment.

    What do you think? If you were in my shoe? was beneficial or not?
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2010
  8. aracaris

    aracaris New Member

    It will be beneficial in the sense that it is something good to add to your portfolio, that is important and will very likely help you get more clients in the future. Just try to avoid doing so very much work for so very little in the future.

    I think that eventually everyone is going to make mistakes with clients, try to take it as a learning experience.

    I really don't think this is likely to be a career ruiner. Even if you have burned bridges with them, and they go out of their way to speak badly of you, ultimately it's unlikely to have all that much impact in your business, unless these are highly influential individuals. Just be really careful not to get into the habit of doing things that will burn bridges! Because eventually it will ruin your career.

    Even if they do start speaking badly of you, going from my experience there is also the possibility of their behavior backfiring on them. However it is best if possible to try and patch things up and move on.

    You can't please everyone and just about no matter what are bound to get on someone's bad side sooner or later.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2010
  9. chrisbkrh

    chrisbkrh New Member

    kamusta tol.

    just dust yourself off and go on to the next project with the experience you gained on this one.

    dont let it stress you out. its just a learning experience.

    and don't let anyone break your spirit.

  10. Eric

    Eric New Member

    Whoa, time out here! Did you just say, on top of everything, that you have a BS in Information Technology? I don't have any tech degree at all (BM in Music 20 years ago) and I would have charged more than that! Don't you have student loans?
  11. brynmuzika

    brynmuzika Member

    No, I don't have student loans. lol.. Hey, you took BM in Music? Cool! I'm into music too. :D
  12. mark wick

    mark wick New Member

    if you looking for a basic website with few pages (5) with image gallery and contact page, you ll be looking around 300 - 350. all depend on your requirment. best way to go about is shop online and get free quotes

    hope this helped you.
  13. apisdesign

    apisdesign New Member

    Pricing feedback

    If you have a freelancer develop a website for you, a price of <$1,000 is probably quite typical. The results you get will vary from pretty good all the way to terrible.

    A small company could produce a website that would be more likely to be closer to the 'pretty good' level. Costs would typically be <$5,000.

    A more boutique organization would likely produce the highest quality results (read highest return on investment) but the costs would be $7-8,000 and up. But they would be better positioned to help you with a wider variety of services, including branding, content development, SEO, development, a more scalable/user friendly CMS, and so on.

    In the end, you will probably get what you pay for, like most things in life. Best of luck with your project!
  14. rmt99e

    rmt99e New Member

    I would say from $500-$1500 from the situation you describe.

    What you really need to do is figure out how many hours it is going to take you... then figure out a reasonable amount you are willing to get paid per hour.

    Don't hesitate to lower you prices, do whatever you can to obtain new projects. Think BIG
  15. directconnect

    directconnect New Member

    Don't undercharge

    Here's the thing, you want to estimate how much time you will be spending on the website to come up with an estimate. Obviously, the more complicated the website the more money it costs. To charge $200 is very cheap, almost too cheap. Average website really should be up around $900 or so. You want to make your quality, professionalism, expertise, etc show in the website. When you charge $200, some people may be discouraged because they are thinking they are getting bottom of the line work. Think about it, a cheeseburger in a nice restaurant costs anywhere from $15-$18 ..tastes delicious and has all the sides, the presentation even looks nice. But you can get a cheeseburger meal for $5 at Mcdonalds that has fries, cheap bread, cheap meat all serviced in recycled paper products on a plastic tray. What kind of people are you trying to attract? What customers do you want?

    We do great work for a reasonable price without overcharging and our customers get their moneys worth!
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  16. directconnect

    directconnect New Member

    I totally agree with you. I always say there really is no average on a site, it really depends on the project. Would you agree?

  17. directconnect

    directconnect New Member

    I agree with the pricing...the clients are going to bargain with you but its really on the time that you put into the project that the prices come from.

    Do you do SEO?
  18. Melanie

    Melanie New Member

    Professional Websites for less

    Hello brynmuzika,
    Have you heard of Lara? It's a great CMS to build and manage your own website(s). You can build your own site for free and only pay for what you use every month (storage space and bandwidth). There are no fixed monthly rates or packages. Alternatively, you can have your site built for around $1000 which includes training on how to use the tools.
    Go and have a look at

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