Webdesigner who loves cars?

Discussion in 'Requests' started by rcs, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. rcs

    rcs New Member

    Im looking for a webdesigner witch have a feel for cool car websites. Iv been desining my own website called www.grombil.com but the way its built is realy old and outdated. I want moore interactivety for users with maby a garage where ppl can present their own car and so on...

    So if you are a good webdesigner who can help me making this real i wold be happy. Send me a e-mail and we can descuss what im thinking and you can give me a price on this... The site will be in Norwegian so i will do most of the writing and som of the design maby? Mostly i need someone to set things up and make the site work. Design and the stuff inside i will take care of my self...

    Well send me a e-mail on postmaster(a)grombil.com


  2. frinkky

    frinkky New Member

    that svt is *fecking* awesome. Its difficult to say what needs to be done as your site is fed from another source so the 'view source' shows nothing.
  3. rcs

    rcs New Member

    Yes that was a realy nice car... Sadly it had to go :(

    The reason why you wount get any source info i guess is because its built by frames? What i realy want is a all new website where i can have these main undersites: Articles, Links (This actualy is Modifisert.net), street meet pictures, e-store (Witch wold be a totaly other project), Grombiler (Presentation of cars\Garage), Sponsors (?) and maby some others as well... I also want a good system for showing ads\banners on the site and it shuld be easy to maintain and update. At best a system where other writers can log on and put in their articles ore pictures without having to mutch webdesign knowledge....? Dose this sound ekspensive?

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