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Discussion in 'Offers' started by solaris2000, Mar 13, 2005.

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  1. solaris2000

    solaris2000 New Member

    Well what to say,
    i am a reseller that has a lot of spare space left on servers that are running. if you have domains and sites you are looking to host and havent found a good deal then give me a shout. With in reason the hosting can be free, all i ask is a small banner to point to me on your site the options and control panel option you will get are endless.

    email me for details.

  2. AainaA

    AainaA New Member

    nice nick you have. you might like to at least put your url or the specs here, for interested parties?
  3. jbrown456

    jbrown456 New Member

    Oh goodie goodie, no information on WHERE to email you

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