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Discussion in 'Requests' started by tether, May 19, 2009.

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  1. tether

    tether New Member


    I am looking for a web designer to help build 1 website. These are the criteria I’m looking for:

    --Someone who is very very good graphic-wise, with relevant portfolio samples.

    --With a good technical knowledge of the relevant stuff. (I don’t mean programming – I’ll get a separate person to do the programming.)

    -- With a good knowledge of how to optimize a site for search engines.

    --Someone who is used to working with web programming people, so you understand coding enough to collaborate effectively. (I’m not looking for a coder at this stage – but there will be a fair amount of programming in the project, for which, as I say, I’ll get a coder.)

    --Someone who speaks good English and is a good communicator. And not afraid to ask questions – however basic, about the needs for the site, so you understand the project well. I expect the project to need a fair amount of communication, preferably on Skype.

    --Someone with a good brain for solutions; someone who will offer those solutions. I have planned the pages, how things will fit together. A site already exists with very similar functionality – though there will be differences with my site; I’ve written up a 27-page document on the requirements for my site. The document is not exhaustive. I will supply all the copy (text) for the site, and the logo. Not everything is 100% covered in the above planning stuff – that’s where communication and a brain for solutions comes in. And there might also be areas of what I’ve planned in which you have ideas for improvements – if so, I’d want to hear those ideas.

    If you’re interested in the job, and if the above sounds like you, I’d like to see your portfolio and any responses you might have to any of the above. If I like your portfolio, I’ll send you further info on the job, so you can quote. I might prefer to have a chat or ask you some questions before I send on the project details.

    Budget: I won’t compromise on the criteria I’ve laid out above. I want a kick-ass final product. Beyond that, price will be a relevant factor for me in determining who to ask to go ahead with the job.

    I prefer email as the initial communication. My email address is reillyrich(at)gmail(dot)com (I'll probably reply to you from a different email address - I'm just using that one as an anti-spam measure.)

    Thanks for reading.

  2. mohn

    mohn New Member

    i am ready working with you kindly check my portfolio
  3. conor

    conor New Member

    I have sent you a PM
  4. Dima

    Dima New Member

    Please, check your PM box.
  5. Dima

    Dima New Member

    I have sent you an e-mail.
  6. chavis

    chavis New Member

    Please, check your PM

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