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Discussion in 'Offers' started by sebwick, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. sebwick

    sebwick New Member

    I am a web designer and this is my first business, which is one of the reasons I a doing this quite cheap.
    What I offer is a template, I can offer you ANY one from www.themeforest.com (this is included in the £30 and host it on my server with either a free domain name (.co.cc) or you can buy one (not included).
    I will give you a hosting price for £1 a month and I can setup your webite with www.pagelime.com, which is a really cool CMS, or if the template supports it I can set it up with wordpress.
    The hosting is £1 for 20gb of space, unlimited bandwith and unlimited email accounts.
    If you like the deal please email (sebpruiz[at]aol.com) me so we can talk.
    Payments through paypal only.

    Thanks very much,

    Seb Ruiz :D
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  2. v2Media

    v2Media New Member

    Correction, you're advertising your own 'business' - not freelancing. If you were freelancing, you'd be marketing your services to other web designers in hope of being sub-contracted to work on their clients' projects.

    The term freelancer means a free agent available for hire.
  3. sebwick

    sebwick New Member


    Hello v2Media,
    I have edited my original post. Thanks.

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